state election generic voting booth
state election generic voting booth

The Warrego election as it happened

UPDATE, 9.13pm:

With 51.61 per cent of the vote going towards LNP Incumbent Ann Leahy, she looks set to win the election.

The LNP is celebrating at Roma's Club Hotel, with guests including former MPs Howard Hobbs and Bruce Scott.

Ms Leahy said she is humbled to be returned for a third term.

"I'm looking to see what happens with a lot of my colleagues," she said.

"My volunteers worked extremely hard, so, I owe a lot to them for their very hard work."

Ms Leahy's plan after tonight is for her and other LNP MPs to regroup in the party room and discuss the outcome of their seats.

"Our job is to work very hard," she said.

"Our job is to win elections."

This concludes our rolling coverage of the Warrego election.


UPDATE, 8.13pm:

As over 16 per cent of the Warrego vote is counted, it's becoming ever clearer that LNP incumbent Ann Leahy is set to win another four years in parliament.

Her primary vote is sitting at 52.13 per cent, which if this holds up, is enough to get her elected without the ballots' preferences needing to be counted.

She is holding a ceremony to celebrate at a Roma pub.

On the other side of the electorate at Dalby, Mark Stone said he plans on campaigning for the next four years to try and get a better result next time.

"I don't live in the area, that's obviously taken a toll at this point," he said his campaign's weak point was.

"I had very large plans after the last election to do a lot of appearances and that sort of thing in the electorate.

"It's clearly not the only reason though because the Katter's vote has been halved.

"I still have hope that I'll do better than where I currently sit."

The lawyer plans on establishing a new office for his business locally in Dalby and is already planning on how he'll campaign for the next election.

"Four more years - I'll be back."


UPDATE, 7.30pm:

The LNP has a solid lead in the Warrego electorate as the electorate's biggest polling booth returns its results.

The Dalby booth, hosted by the State School, has returned 752 votes for the day, according to preliminary counts.

LNP incumbent Ann Leahy has 40.88 per cent of the vote in the seat, which is the lowest lead of any seat counted so far in Warrego.

Coming in second for Dalby's central booth is Labor's Mark O'Brien at 24.83 per cent, and third is KAP's Rick Gurnett at 11.8 per cent.

Neither of the Roma seats have returned results yet.

Overall, Ann Leahy is in the lead with 53.43 per cent of the vote.

Rick Gurnett is feeling disappointed with the result, which has put him behind Labor so far, and neck-on-neck with One Nation.

"On those figures I'd be pretty disappointed that people are supporting candidates that are not even in the electorate," he said.

"I'd hope that they can take a strong message out of the vote.

"If [Ann Leahy] does lose some of the margin, the LNP needs to start looking out to the regions, and not just those 60 seats that are out near Brisbane.

"Ultimately, they're going to lose these regional seats if they don't respect property rights and infrastructure we need to survive out here."

He also said his loss can be pointed to a disconnect in politics.


UPDATE, 6.56pm:

The first three polling booths have returned their early results for the seat of Warrego.

The southwest booths of Augathella, Charleville North and Bollon have shown a massive lead for the LNP's Ann Leahy, with Labor's Mark O'Brien coming in second place.

Augathella and Bollon show Ms Leahy well ahead of the competition, however former Murweh mayor Mr O'Brien has taken out a good chunk of the Charleville vote.

In Charleville, Ms Leahy has 51.35 per cent of the counted vote and Mark O'Brien has 32.43 per cent.

Katter's Australian Party's Rick Gurnett also has 10.81 per cent for Charleville North.

Overall, Ann Leahy is currently at 46.98 per cent of the vote, with Mark O'Brien at 22.48 per cent, and Rick Gurnett at 11.19 per cent.

Mr Gurnett is neck-on-neck with Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate Joshua Coyne, at 10.18 per cent.

Of course, these are very early figures and we'll have to wait for other booths to come back, particularly in Dalby and Roma before we can get a more accurate prediction.


UPDATE, 6.35pm:

Early data has come in for an important Darling Downs swing seat.

According to The Chronicle, Labor candidate Megan O'Hara-Sullivan is in the lead for Toowoomba North with 41.88 per cent of the primary vote.

Incumbent LNP MP Trevor Watts is coming in second at 36.10 per cent.

Toowoomba North includes the Toowoomba CBD, Wilsonton, Harlaxton, Mt Lofty, and Highfields.

Almost all other seats in the Darling Downs and Southwest have been traditionally safe for the LNP. 


UPDATE, 6pm:

After a long day at Queensland's polling booths, the doors have come to a close.

Scrutineers will be present as the votes are counted, with results being released gradually as the night goes on.

Stay tuned to this article to see the updates as they happen.



AS ELECTION day draws to a close, polling officials will prepare to count the votes.

This election will decide who will take the premiership during this trying time with COVID-19; Labor's Annastacia Palasczcuk or the Liberal National Party's Deb Frecklington.

It's been a long campaign with one of the largest pre-poll turnouts in Queensland history, with well over half of electors voting before today.

The six candidates that are vying for the seat of Warrego are:

  • Rick Gurnett, KAP
  • Joshua Sanderson, GRN
  • Mark Stone, IND
  • Joshua Coyne, PHON
  • Ann Leahy, LNP
  • Mark O'Brien, ALP

This electorate covers an area almost 150 per cent the size of Victoria, including all of Southwest Queensland, with towns like Roma, St George, Charleville, Cunnamulla, and Quilpie.

It also covers southern parts of the Western Downs, including Tara, Dulacca, and the major town of Dalby.

But the towns of Chinchilla and Miles are in the electorate of Callide, after 2017's redistribution.

The LNP and it's predecessors have won the seat of Warrego since 1974, although some of the elections have been won very narrowly.

Warrego's voter base is largely conservative with 47.6 per cent of the primary vote going towards LNP's Ann Leahy in the 2017 election.

Labor's Mark O'Brien and Katter's Rob Loughnan, both who used to be former mayors, were neck-on-neck in 2017, scoring 21.7 and 21.2 per cent of the primary vote respectively.

While almost all polling places had an LNP majority, with Rob Loughnan scoring majorities in his stomping ground of the Maranoa Region, and Mark O'Brien picking up a fair share of the Murweh vote.

Keep checking back on this article to see the Dalby Herald's, the Western Star's and the Western Times' rolling coverage of the 2020 Warrego election.

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