ROAD RULES: Rules surrounding roundabouts most misunderstood

To go with Road Rules column. Article about the correct way to exit roundabouts. Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
To go with Road Rules column. Article about the correct way to exit roundabouts. Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily Brett Wortman

ROUND and round we go, but where we stop, nobody knows?  

Sunshine Coast police have turned the truth on the process of travelling through a roundabout for this week's road rules rumours column.  

Acting Sergent Mark Johnston said the roads surrounding roundabouts were the most misunderstood among drivers.   

"Roundabouts have been part of Queensland Roads for quite some time, some drivers are not fully aware of all the rules that apply to roundabouts," he said.   

And indicating (or lack thereof) is perhaps the most confusing part of the driving manoeuvre.   

Failing to indicate left when leaving the roundabout is a $68 fine and 2 x demerit points.  


Section 118 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management - Road Rules) Regulation 2009 - States that all drivers must indicate left when leaving a roundabout.   

Regardless of which exit you take off the roundabout, you must indicate left when leaving the roundabout. Once the driver has left the roundabout the driver must cancel their indicator.  

In a scenario where the driver is turning right on the roundabout, the driver first must have their right hand indicator on, giving warning to drivers that they are turning right and then as the driver is leaving the roundabout the driver must indicate left at the exit.  

If the driver is going straight through the roundabout, the driver only needs to indicate left whilst leaving the roundabout.  

"Indicating left as you leave the roundabout advises drivers approaching the roundabout that you are exiting the roundabout and will assist with the free flow of traffic onto the roundabout," Acting Sgt Johnston said.   

"Police often attend crashes at roundabouts and one contributing cause of crashes at roundabouts is the failure to indicate."  

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