The Floc Box
The Floc Box

Revolutionary Floc Box to be trialled in Peregian

A SUNSHINE Coast civil construction company will be the first firm in Australia to trial a revolutionary new piece of equipment that could change the way water is treated on construction sites across the country.
Hall Contracting - which delivers a range of infrastructure, urban development, marine, dredging and environmental projects around Australia, Asia and the Pacific - will trial the Floc Box at a construction site in Peregian this month.
Hall Contracting Managing Director Cameron Hall said the device had been supplied by fellow Sunshine Coast business Turbid Stormwater Solutions to treat sediment-laden water on selected construction sites.
"The Floc Box works by dispensing an environmentally friendly substance known as Turbiclear into water as it enters the designed catchment pond, forcing dirt particles to bind together and drop out of the water, leaving only clean water behind," Mr Hall said.
"By using the Floc Box to dispense the correct dosage of Turbiclear for each catchment size, it allows us to ensure any discharge into the receiving environment is of the highest quality and complies with regulatory requirements."
Mr Hall said at present, the Hall Contracting team manually treated the catchments on each of its construction sites.
"The manual process can be quite time intensive, so the new equipment will reduce some of the labour involved and also lessen some of the risks associated with working around water," Mr Hall said.
"The Floc Box also will also reduce down-time on our construction sites during significant wet weather events as it is capable of treating catchment areas in periods of rain, even in the middle of the night. This gives us the ability to treat the catchment area promptly, which means getting back on the job faster."
"We're looking forward to testing it out locally with a view to rolling it out across some of our other construction sites in the future."
Mr Hall said the device would initially be used to treat a two hectare catchment area at the Ridges residential estate in Peregian Springs.
"Our team is currently undertaking subdivision works onsite including bulk earthworks and the installation of stormwater, sewer, electrical and road infrastructure, which has temporarily disturbed the catchment by exposing soils."
"Use of the Floc Box will enable us to remove any sediment caused by the works, ensuring the water quality remains high."
Mr Hall said the Hall Contracting team had stumbled across the new device in its efforts to identify innovative ways to continually improve its service offering.
"We're constantly looking for new ways to raise the bar in the day-to-day running of the business, and the Floc Box ticked a lot of boxes for us, particularly from an environmental outcome perspective."
"With much of the work we carry out taking place in environmentally sensitive environments, having a system that can assist us in protecting waterways and marine life is very valuable."
"Our strong relationship with Turbid Stormwater Solutions allowed us to be the first to test out the new technology and we're delighted to be the first to see it in action onsite."
Having been in operation for 70 years, Hall Contracting has grown to become one of Australia's largest dredging and civil construction contractors. It owns an extensive fleet of civil, dredging and ancillary equipment and in addition to its head office in Buderim also has offices in Brisbane, Malaysia and Fiji.

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