REVEALED: Cash, financial backers behind Ipswich candidates

MAYOR hopefuls have received almost $60,000 in donations in the lead-up to the Ipswich mayoral by-election.

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Most of that cash has gone Councillor Andrew Antoniolli's way, although key rival Cr Paul Tully is yet to reveal who funded two large professional billboards along the Ipswich Mwy near Dinmore and Inala.

The biggest single donation during this election campaign has come from Plencove, owned by Roy Wilson the operator of NuGrow, who gave $15,000 to Andrew Antoniolli.

Election donations are lodged on the Electoral Commission Queensland's website following the State Government's move to "real-time donation" disclosure.

Under the new rules, candidates must report donations within seven business days.

Ipswich voters are among the first to experience the new system, designed to ensure voters know where candidates' funding comes from before casting their vote.

So far, Cr Antoniolli has been given $46,400 in campaign donations.


>>Candidate tight-lipped on who paid for billboard signs

In addition to the $15,000, a $600 payment from Plencove is also listed on the ECQ website which Cr Antoniolli said accounted for two tickets for his campaign launch at 88 Limestone.

The majority of the 11 candidates haven't received any declarable donations with the exception of The Greens endorsed candidate Brett Morrissey.

The Greens Party, which is handling the donations on behalf of Mr Morrissey, has confirmed he has been given $1330, in nine different transactions from local supporters.

Cr Tully's largest donation lodged on the ECQ website comes from Falvey Investments Pty Ltd, owners of the Cecil Hotel at Goodna.

The $3300 declared as a gift in kind, covers the cost of a billboard on Queen St supporting Cr Tully's campaign.

Michael Falvey says, of the candidates, Cr Tully will be the best leader for the city.

"Ipswich does need a new direction and we might need to shine a little more light on the past but we're going the right way," Mr Falvey said.

The QT was unable to contact NuGrow owner Roy Wilson.

The QT this week gave all candidates the opportunity to tell readers about any donations they have just received or expect to receive in the coming days that they may not yet have declared through the ECQ's website.

Who's paying?

  • Andrew Antoniolli


NOTE: Donations higher than $1000 listed

  • Tracey Long, owner 88 Limestone: $3000
  • Jim & Joy McIlmurray, owner JJ Investments: $5000
  • Gibson Architects: $2200 (two declarations)
  • Plencove Pty Ltd, owner Roy Wilson: $15,000
  • JJ Investment Trust: $5000
  • Cannon Hill Developments Pty Ltd, owner Peter Kao: $1500
  • R & M Sayle: $2000
  • Hewitts Plumbing: $1500
  • Darren Zanow: $2000
  • D. Martin, Ipswich resident: $3000


  • Paul Tully

$ 10,968

NOTE: Donations higher than $1000

  • Falvey Investments Pty Ltd: $3300
  • Juxgold Developments Pty Ltd: $1500
  • JJ Investment Trust: $2000

**Internal transactions from campaign manager not listed


  • Brett Morrissey - The Greens


NOTE: Mr Morrissey received nine different donations, the highest of which was $500

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