Taramoore Rd residents are feeling anxious after a shooting on Tuesday night.
Taramoore Rd residents are feeling anxious after a shooting on Tuesday night.

Residents question their safety after Gracemere shooting

GRANT Stewart and his partner have only been living in their Gracemere home for three weeks but have confessed making the move back to suburbia was a big mistake.

Following the shooting which took place on Taramoore Rd, residents of Parkside on Lucas Estate are questioning how safe the neighbourhood actually is.

Grant, a miner, said he could safely say he lived in the "worst neighbourhood" after watching the shooting unfold before his eyes on Tuesday night.

"We have only been living here for three weeks and ever since we have been here all we've been hearing is domestics, arguments and screaming," he said.

"I heard a dispute, which was very loud, last night (Tuesday night) and I think it all finally came to a head."

The Gracemere resident said he was worried when he heard gunshots because he hadn't heard from his partner, who wasn't home from work.

"My missus hadn't come home from work yet and when I heard the gunshots and everything happening I ran outside to see, I didn't know if something had happened to her or not," Grant said.

"When I went outside I saw a copper with his handgun out and the man lying on the ground."

Grant said he saw a police officer fire three times but from what he heard no one was hurt.

He said the mother was sitting on the footpath with her son after the events had unfolded.

"There was a kid in the house, he would have been lucky to have even been 10," he said.

Grant, who is about to start shift work out at the mines, said he now fears for the safety of his partner.

"We're not supposed to have the dogs in the house but I'm not leaving them outside and I'm not leaving my partner by herself either," he said. "I'm worried about leaving my partner in this neighbourhood."

Another resident in the street, a single mum, said she heard "two shots and a scream".

"The gunshot went 'bang bang', it echoed and the dogs barked and then a woman yelled," she said.

"It was very scary; I'm a single mum so it was pretty scary. Thank God my son was inside. I really had no clue what was happening.

"I thought police would go around and doorknock but they haven't.

"Before I went to bed at 11pm the police were still there."

She has noticed a number of domestic violence incidents in the area but this incident had taken things to a new level.

"I usually leave my sliding doors open for a bit of breeze but now I lock everything,'' she said.

"My son is five and if I leave the doors unlocked while I'm on the couch having a nap then anyone could come in and take him."

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