Born and bred Sunny Coast local Ashley Devine has been described as one of the
Born and bred Sunny Coast local Ashley Devine has been described as one of the "most honest and kind-hearted Aussies you will ever meet". Go Fund Me

Renowned Coast artist undergoes rare brain surgery

ASHLEY Devine faced a 50 per cent chance of dying if the brain aneurysm doctors operated on popped mid-surgery.


But the consequences of not having surgery were much grimmer.

However, the well-known Coast man came out on top after successful surgery and is now thanking the surgeons for saving his life.

The Sunshine Coast Daily was unable to get in contact with Mr Devine, an avid volunteer and talented artist of the Coast community, but the father of triplets posted a message to his own Facebook page.

"Firstly I like to thank Professor Coulthard for saving my life, (he is) an amazing brain surgeon," Mr Devine said.

"He just pulled off the first of this type of brain surgery (that) I have just gone through, opening doors to future patients.

"Thank you professor for my life - that's something you just can't repay someone."

Mr Devine said he also wanted to thank his family, children and friends for standing by him during the tough times.

Trevor Salisbury, a friend of Mr Devine, set up the GoFundMe account for the family, which has raised more than $15,000.

Mr Devine said Mr Salisbury wanted to set up the account months before he did, but wouldn't let him.

"I couldn't accept t it," Mr Devine said.

"I managed to just get by with help from great family and friends. I kept it all quiet (because) I didn't want all the 'poor me' sh*t.

"I know there are always someone worse off. But life had been difficult for me and my family.

"I can't say how grateful and lucky I am to know such great people... it's all been very overwhelming for me.

Mr Devine said to thank the community for the donations, he would be giving what he could back.

"I will be donating a bunch of original paintings which I have been working hard on," he said.

"A few big ones will be going straight to a couple of very generous people... then I will be drawing names out of a hat to donate a whole bunch of originals to whoever."

Mr Devine said he would start the draws this weekend on Facebook. He said he would soon begin writing to "every single person" who helped in some way during the ordeal.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all.

"I'm still a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. Big thanks to the Salisburys - your support is unbelievable."

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