SHOCKING SLAP: Red mark alerts police to toddler abuse

A WOORABINDA mother, now aged 22, drank a cask of wine before she slapped her two-year-old daughter when she "couldn't quiet" her.

On Wednesday the District Court of Rockhampton heard the woman slapped the girl "hard enough to leave a red mark" on April 2 last year.

Crown prosecutor Megan Jones said the woman, aged 21 at the time of offending, also held her hand over her daughter's mouth for 20 seconds before her cousin took the girl to the hospital, and the the police station on the way.

"At the hospital the doctor noted there was still a red mark," Ms Jones said.

She told the court the doctor also checked the girl's breathing as a precaution, and the mother had "played down" the slap, stating it was "so light it couldn't have left a mark".

The court heard the defendant had an extensive, three-page history of mostly alcohol-related offending, and she had already served 170 days in prison before she came before the court.

Defence barrister Tom Polley told the court the woman was born in Rockhampton, but grew up under the "influences of Woorabinda" where she was the second eldest of 18 children.

"She was surrounded by influences of alcohol, not in the home but in the community," he said.

The court heard her daughter was now in her mother's care, and her other children were living with their father.

Judge Burnett said he believed he would "see her again" and "no doubt" soon.

"She plainly has a drinking problem, she plainly has a parenting problem," he said.

The woman was sentenced to 170 days imprisonment for assault occasioning bodily harm, with pre-sentence declared for the time she had already served in custody.

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