Double Island Point with just a fraction of the vehicles that were there daily with more stretched up to the point.
Double Island Point with just a fraction of the vehicles that were there daily with more stretched up to the point.

We should cap Fraser Coast, Teewah paradise say readers

SUNSHINE Coast Daily readers have agreed there should be limits put on the number of people allowed at places such as Fraser Island and Teewah.

The comments, made alongside an opinion piece asking "Is it time to cap Paradise?' come as new figures show the coast's most remote beach was also its busiest between Christmas and New Year, hosting more than 106,725 visitors.


Back in the day.
Back in the day.

Readers responded overwhelmingly supporting greater control over the number of people camping and driving on Fraser Island and Noosa's north shore and lamenting the loss of what had once been a remote wilderness experience.

This past week Sunshine Coast police monitored more than 2000 vehicle movements day on Teewah Beach.

HerveyB of Pialba said: "Yes, I do, think a cap should be placed on the number of people who visit Fraser Island. If these committees are for real, they should realise the more people who go there, the more damage that will be done, and it is irreparable. An example is the fate of the dingoes, the more killed because people refuse to stop trying interact with them the more will be killed. The damage done to the beach by the number of cars using it as a road, the bush tracks that are being cut out to make way for these cars, the tress being removed to allow more holiday houses to be built has to stop. The only ones who are trying to look after the Island properly are the ancestors of the original people who lived there. More notice should be taken of what they are doing and what they say."

Peter1954 of Maryborough said: "I think it's time to cap the idiots who think they are expert 4 wheel drivers, the ones who speed, over load their vehicles and have no idea as to other people's safety, and to actually have a set number of 4 wheel vehicles and all wheel drivers at any given number, well why don't we leave it to the so called experts of nature and hope their plan is actually listened to and acted upon, wonder does this include dingo's."

Herrman of Spring Creek said the introduction of a cap was long overdue: "If one wants to visit the Island use the licensed accredited tour operators or walk. There is also a ferry service which operates regularly. There should be no access to Fraser Island for vehicles from the public. The traffic and rubbish left behind by tourists is a disgrace. Further, the island is world heritage listed and needs to be managed accordingly, rather than a recreational area for 4WD enthusiasts and commercial fishing events. If tourists want to fish, they can readily explore the Island by foot or boat."


Way back in the day - think mid 1960s when this was the only way across the Noosa River to the North Shore.
Way back in the day - think mid 1960s when this was the only way across the Noosa River to the North Shore.

YesWeCan of the Sunshine Coast says bring it on: "Yes. You have young (and old) morons driving over turtle nests, destroying sand dunes, leaving tonnes of rubbish everywhere. Close the beaches to 4wd's and walk up the beach!

prr955j8D8LxeMfzROGERH of Urraween had a novel approach: "This government has no brains at all! If they want to cap visitors and make money to protect FI put the price of visiting by campers and 4WD up to $250 per person per week maximum stay 7 days! Solved just send cheque to me for logical advice!"

stumped of Maroochydore was concerned about what's to come: "With cruise ships starting to visit the region, a cap is desperately needed. Anyone who has holidayed in paradise overseas and seen the impact several thousand tourists arriving for their day in paradise wound understand the damage unrestricted tourism on Fraser Island would have on the roads and lakes, let alone the national park values".

Pescadero of Coolum Beach says it's been tried before: "Nice idea but we already tried this. Now what was it the Newman LNP government did? Yup. yelled with outrage and canned the whole idea and wanted to flog off DI to private developers".

e1707 of Noosa Heads wonders at the political will: "Of course it is needed but can anyone really think that Noosa Council/State Government are going to turn down all that money from 'open' number of vehicles....increasing cost makes no difference as still a lot cheaper than staying in accommodation in holiday areas in holiday times.....except more money to go into General Revenue as nothing used on increasing services in those areas".

Elsewhere on social media support was equally strong.

Stephen Brandon is disappointed by the impact of thoughtless campers at Inskip Point: "Been at Inskip for 5 months in the past year here now and have cleaned up so much trash.

"Would say in 3 weeks we've been here this time 3 large garbage bags but mostly small plastic s##t

"What is with cable ties ten million of the f#@king things

"This is sadly Bogan Paradise but thats how it is

"Will keep cleaning up because I love it so much and it takes me back 60 years when lots of QLD was like this..."

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