Readers claim vote-rigging at play in referendum result

QUEENSLAND'S next batch of state politicians will be able to settle in for an extra year in government after most voters backed the referendum on four-year fixed parliamentary terms.

Despite the result, which was tight in the end, it seems a lot of QT Facebook followers did not vote for longer terms.

Some of our responses even suggested that there must have been vote-rigging at play.

Electoral Commissioner Walter van der Merwe said the result was a historic moment for Queensland as the same referendum was rejected by voters 25 years ago.

Lengthening the terms had bipartisan support and the backing of Queensland's independent MPs, who argued it would allow governments to act with a more long-term view.

It will also mean State elections will be held on the last Saturday of October every four years.

The government said fewer elections would save money, with the last general election costing $24 million.

Here's what you thought about the "yes" vote getting the nod.

Sylvia Imhof: Wow did not expect people to actually vote yes to this, especially when the "majority" of people hate whoever is currently elected.

Henry Hancock: Elections are the only tool we have to remind politicians when they start to get the God complex. I can't imagine Queenslanders not forgetting "let's slash everybody's job Newman", and the possible consequences of another 12 months with that goose-stepping megalomaniac. In these modern times of electronic communication why can't every voter get an encrypted code to vote on important decisions on an official website instead of politicians who cover their eyes and ears and just bow to political correctness when making decisions. They are our voice and should be making decisions that the majority want, not what political correctness dictates.

Clayton York: I certainly did not vote yes and I don't know of anyone who did. I was very surprised with the result.

Travis Dowie: I wish the government would hold a referendum on daylight savings.

Kev Evans: I believe that if they're not doing their job, then we the people should call for an early election so that we can kick them out.

Kyren Hammond: Did most people vote yes so they didn't have to vote as often?

Cherie Christine: I don't know any one who actually voted yes... I smell corruption... and it stinks!

Rod Fuller: Sorry Queensland you have made a big mistake.

Mick Clifton: Longer terms mean less voting, yay.

Charles Bill: But it was a close call.

Cath Margie: The keyword being "fixed" as in the vote was fixed/rigged.

Sandra Mick Killeen: I can't believe it. Why do we want them in for an extra year?

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