Rapist jailed for 9 years for shocking backpacker attack

WHEN sentencing a man to nine years in jail for drugging and raping a German backpacker in shearers' quarters near Stanthorpe, a district court judge said the man had shown no remorse.

Peter John Van de Wetering, 48, was sentenced to jail yesterday at Brisbane District Court.

Judge Terry Martin spoke about the months of planning Van de Wetering conducted before carrying out the attack, including buying a wig, fake beard and fake moustache and finding a remote location.

Van de Wetering advertised a job for a nanny to lure the 19-year-old woman to Cottonvale, where he met her when she hopped off a bus.

He pleaded guilty to kidnapping, rape, attempted rape, deprivation of liberty, sexual assault, common assault, stealing, administering a stupefying drug and attempting to stupefy.

He stayed in Warwick the night before he picked her up from the bus stop on August 13, 2013.

He tried to give the woman chocolate laced with drugs, but she did not eat it all because she did not like how it tasted.

Van de Wetering tied her hands with cable ties and blindfolded her. He then drove her to shearers' quarters and sexually assaulted her.

He also forced her to eat one of the drugged chocolates and that is one of the last things the woman remembered.

She woke up early the next morning on the side of a road.

When sentencing him, Judge Martin said he took Van de Wetering's guilty plea into account but said he had shown no remorse.

"I do not think for one moment there is any genuine remorse in this case," Judge Martin said.

"This was offending carefully planned and prepared over a lengthy period.

"This offending involves an entirely ruthless pursuit of a young and innocent woman for your sexual gratification.

"You subjected her to a terrifying and degrading ordeal in an isolated location and you have caused her very significant ongoing psychological damage."

Judge Martin said in her victim impact statement, the woman said she continued to be afraid of the dark, was constantly scared, and that the smallest noise caused her pulse to race.

Van de Wetering was sentenced to nine years in jail and declared a serious violent offender.

Van de Wetering has been behind bars since October 2014, and this time was taken into account as part of his sentence.

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