Catherine Ann Boland fronted St George Magistrates Court Tuesday, September 22.
Catherine Ann Boland fronted St George Magistrates Court Tuesday, September 22.

‘Prison isn’t pleasant: Magistrate warns St George mother

A ST George magistrate warned mother, Catherine Ann Boland that prison isn’t a pleasant place to be, especially during COVID-19 lockdown, after she launched an attack on a person at the Cobb and Co Hotel.

The court heard St George police attended the venue on July 17 in relation to a disturbance and upon entering, officers were asked to disperse the crowd.

Police reviewed CCTV footage which saw Boland engage in a physical altercation. She’s seen approaching another patron in the rear area of the pub then they push each other before Boland launches several punches at the victim.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court another patron tried to intervene and subsequently broke her ankle during the scuffle.

Boland pleaded guilty to committing public nuisance within a licensed premise and failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

Sgt Whiting said on August 25, Boland failed to appear for her bail undertaking, stating she had to work out of town and couldn’t get back in time for her appearance.

The prosecution said that if Boland continues offending, she will need to serve actual imprisonment time.

“Public nuisance is a serious offence, especially within a license venue which aggravates, then an elderly patron who tried to de-escalate the situation was then injured,” Sgt Whiting said.

“The history isn’t doing her any favours – in September 2020 she breached a community service order then failed to appear.

“The prosecution would submit due to all the circumstances, being on a suspended sentence, certainly imprisonment is within range and it’s getting very close for Ms Boland to serve actual imprisonment for her behaviour.

“Prosecution would concede that an immediate parole release date would be appropriate.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Legal Service solicitor Michael Corbin said his client lashed out because the other person was making derogatory comments towards her.

“She tried to move away from that situation, then they came together again,” he said.

“My client is most recent times, obtained employment as a cook and cleaner which related to her failure to appear.

“She did then hand herself into police and I’ve explained to her the court takes a very dim view in those circumstances.”

Magistrate Tracy Mossop said the defendant has “reached the end of the road to sentencing options available”.

“I can tell you prison isn’t a pleasant place, especially during COVID-19 lockdown.”

The magistrate handed Boland a four-and-a-half-month probation order with immediate parole.

The convictions were recorded.

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