UNSUSPECTING: You never know when someone will tail you.
UNSUSPECTING: You never know when someone will tail you.

Unsuspecting workers 'tailed' in latest tradie fad

YOU'RE working along side your colleague and you have a piece of rope in your hand and a smart phone in your pocket.

You sneak up behind them and attach the rope to their pants and take a photo.

The unsuspecting worker has just been 'tailed'.

Yamba man and construction worker 'Shane', who wanted to withhold his name for fear of getting tailed, said at his work place no one was safe from this latest prank.

"You try and get a tail on someone and get a photo," Shane said.

"The joy is you know people might be laughing at them."

Shane said the people he tailed were mostly work colleagues.

He has also been a victim of tailing.

"I've had a tiger tail put on me," Shane said.

"I couldn't say how long I was walking around with it.

"I think I managed to walk around for a few hours before I sat down. I just pulled it off and stuck it on someone else."

While having a tail stuck on you may seem demoralizing, Shane said it contributed to a good work environment.

"When I got tailed I thought it was great. Someone has put in some effort to do this," he said.

"Tailing keeps a good environment at work."

He said his colleagues also appreciated the light hearted aspect tailing brought to the workplace.

In fact, some people even kept them on after they found one attached to their pants.

TOILET PAPER TAIL: These tails are the least liked by victims.
TOILET PAPER TAIL: These tails are the least liked by victims.

"The only tails I've seen ripped off have been the toilet paper tails," Shane said.

The fad is similar to planking, where people lie stiff like a wooden board and take a photo.

Planking became popular in 2011.

"Tailing has been around for a little while," he said

"I'd say it's been going on for six to 12 months."

"I've worked at a few places where I've seen tailing."

And while the craze is around Shane said no one is safe.

"We even get the bosses," SHane said.

"Sometimes people will even tail your car."

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