UPDATE: A stockpile of weapons found stashed on a rural property north of Toowoomba demonstrates the increasingly common connection between illegal firearms and drugs, police say.

Darling Downs Tactical Crime Squad Senior Sergeant Scott Stahlhut said the discovery of cannabis alongside semi-automatic firearms at a Ravensbourne property had been expected when officers executed the search warrant this morning.

A man, 54, will face nine charges in court next month including illegally possessing Category A, B, C, D, H and R weapons, more than 2500 rounds of ammunition and drug and drug paraphernalia possession.

"There's no indication that this gentlemen had any particular purpose (for owning the weapons)," Snr Sgt Stahlhut said.

"It certainly is a stockpile and that's a concern to us."

The 14 weapons seized by police included semi-automatics, pistols, long arms and pump action guns, and one which was that had semi and fully automatic firing capabilities.

"In addition to the weapons, police also located about 2500 rounds of ammunition," Snr Sgt Stahlhut said.

"The ammunition located was specifically for the various weapons located in places around the property.

"The weapons were secreted in various hiding places within sheds and throughout the rural property."

Some of the rifles were found loaded which Snr Sgt Stahlhut said "presents a risk to police" when raiding a property.

He said it was too soon to tell if the weapons had been used in any crime in the region, but checks of the 14 weapons would be carried out in coming weeks as part of ongoing investigations.

He said the Ravensbourne property owner cooperated with police at the time of the raid.

Investigations are continuing.


11.50AM: Toowoomba police have seized a stockpile of illegal weapons after a raid on a property north of Toowoomba.

Tactical Crime Squad officers will allege 14 illegal firearms including sawn-off shotguns, various rifles, handguns and ammunition were found stashed around the property at Ravensbourne.

A man, 54, has been arrested and charged on a number of offences including unlawful possession of weapons and explosives, and possessing drugs and drug utensils.

He is due to face court on August 29 on a total of nine charges.

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