Police in the southwest are continuing their war against memethylamphetamine in the community.
Police in the southwest are continuing their war against memethylamphetamine in the community. Wikicommons

Police recall horrors of ice, call for community's help

NEGLECTED children, trashed homes and violent attempts to score a fix are all scenes created by the drug ice and are all burnt into the memory of Detective Sergeant Marty Forest.

Now, he is calling on the public to join police in helping end the 'ice age' gripping south west Queensland.

Police are strengthening their calls for members of the public to anonymously"dob in a dealer”.

Roma Crime Investigation Branch Det Sgt Forest and his colleagues have seen first-hand the devastation the drug methylamphetamine has caused.

"I have seen the direct effects, faced those under the influence as they erupt into unexplained violence, make poor decisions, become involved in crime and physically and emotionally hurt their loved ones and emergency services workers who try and help them,” he told the Western Star.

"I have seen everyday people, from all walks of life, become addicted to dangerous drugs and observed over time as their lives are engulfed by the need to fill their addiction, to the detriment of the user's relationships, health, work, finances and personal lives.

"It leads to the empty shell of a life they once had.”

Det Sgt Forest, like many detectives around the state, are haunted by the effects drugs have on children.

"I have seen children go without food and proper care, health and living standards fall away with neglect,” Det Sgt Forest said.

"The ripple effect of drug addiction spreads out and others are left to pick up the pieces.”

He said it was a priority for his team to target those in the community who "chose to profit from misery”.

Police across southwest Queensland have had recent success in ridding their towns of ice by gathering intelligence from community tip-offs. Det-Sgt Forest wants anyone with information that could lead to an arrest join the fight in ridding the town of the drug scourge.

"Recent operations were examples of Roma CIB targeting dealers who transport and supply drugs into the Maranoa,” he said.

Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or call Roma police station on 4622 9333.

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