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Two charged, another quizzed on doctor robbery

UPDATE: THREE men have been taken into custody in relation to an alleged home doctor assault in Maryborough on Monday night.

Two of those were charged with accompanied robbery, with one already appearing in Maryborough Magistrates Court for a bail hearing earlier today.

He was denied bail.

Plain Clothes Senior Constable Naomi Hindle said police were looking for another individual following the robbery.

"The third person is assisting police with inquiries, and investigations are continuing into finding another," she said.

"The age range of the men is between 20 and 40."

Those charged and the other two men are from the Tinana and Maryborough areas.

Police have recovered the allegedly stolen medical kit, and are investigating its contents.

Accompanied robbery can carry a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.


EARLIER: POLICE are searching for four young males who attacked a Maryborough doctor when he was leaving a block of units after treating a patient.

The incident happened about 7.50pm on Monday night at a Tooley St address.

According to a statement released by police, the youths intimidated the doctor before kicking the kit out of his hands.

The doctor ran to his vehicle, which was parked a short distance away and the four suspects took the kit and walked away in a northerly direction along Tooley St.

House Call Doctor chief operating officer Craig Glover said the safety of doctors was a priority for the after-hours medical service.

"It is disgraceful that anyone would target a doctor and steal a medical kit that contains vital medical equipment needed to treat those who are most vulnerable in our community including children and the elderly who are sick and, or injured," he said. He slammed the actions of the young men who attacked the doctor.

Mr Glover said the doctor had just finished treating a 27-year-old woman with a high temperature and flu and was on his way to another appointment when the incident happened.

"Our doctors always travel with a chaperone and both our doctor and chaperone are assisting police.

"We need the public to help as well."

Mr Glover said there were no schedule 8 drugs such as morphine or other narcotics in the medical kit.

Sergeant Steve Wheeler said any assault against a medical professional was considered extremely serious given the nature of the work they did.

Sgt Wheeler said the attack was a rarity and he had not heard of another like it.

He said he hoped the incident would not put doctors off from attending people's homes, but that could certainly result from the incident.

He urged the public to contact police if anyone had any information that could help bring the offenders to justice.

"We don't like to see incidents like this happen," Sgt Wheeler said.

"This is a relatively new service and this is certainly not an ideal scenario.

"It's really something the whole community should be concerned about," he said.

"It's hard enough to get doctors to come to rural areas."

Sgt Wheeler said while the doctor had not been physically harmed, that could just be down to good fortune.

"It wasn't an aggressive assault, but it could have been if he hadn't dropped the medical kit," he said.

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