OPINION: Pauline Hanson plays the victim card again

WRITER'S block hit me hard this week.

Then it hit me: I'd forgotten to watch Q and A on Monday night.

Enter Pauline Hanson.

Writer's block - well, err - unblocked.

It seemed I'd barely got through the opening credits when Senator Hanson gave me so much material for this column I was genuinely worried about running out of space.

See, Pauline continued a worrying trend among conservative politicians of late: a willingness to victimise themselves.

I don't say that as a political statement; progressives have their flaws too.

But this "help me because people don't like derogatory things I'm saying" trend really needs to stop.

I understand that Ms Hanson may well have her nation's best intentions at heart, even if that is a long shot.

What I fail to understand is how she formed her views on the best way to achieve those best interests.

To label an entire religion as hateful, dangerous and even against the idea of democracy simply defies belief.

Of course, I digress; it's probably that leftist propagandist within me that actually cares about other people. Naughty Jack.

Only weeks after Scott Morrison called for sympathy for the "bigotry and hatred" he had received in light of his traditional marriage views, Pauline Hanson has joined the party.

Now, Pauline is far from the only politician who gets more than a tiny tickle from the prospect of Muslim-less Customs queues.

And while I don't happen to agree with her like- minded peers, at least they are generally more adept at putting their views across without seeming like their extent of Quran studies entailed a rushed Wikipedia scan, a brief flick through a translation/interpretation by Donald Trump and a detailed (yes, admittedly detailed) character study of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin.

Not much more adept, but more adept nonetheless.

Jack, you're digressing again. *Slap*

To be fair, though, Senator Hanson is making digressing easy for me.

So back to Q and A: "I have protesters which are trying to shut down freedom of speech."

First of all: "who", Pauline, not "which"; protesters are people too. Secondly, did you consider the oxymoron that just found its way through your lips?

In fact, I would go as far as saying that in the long and well-documented history of public protests, no public protester has ever publicly protested against freedom of speech.

Come to that, I doubt they've ever done it in private either.


Because if they did, they'd probably be out of a job.

Pauline Hanson, you can say whatever you want… but the protesters can too.

The fact remains: no one is disputing freedom of speech here.

Besides, if you really didn't want Muslims and friends of Muslims publicly protesting your discriminatory claims about this religion you've clearly shown to know very little about, then here is an outlandish suggestion for you: don't make discriminatory claims about this religion you've clearly shown to know very little about.

Yep. That'd work.

That was another digression, though, wasn't it?

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