Is this Pitch Perfect 3? Hillary unloads celebrity guns

HILLARY Clinton's campaign for president just unleashed perhaps its most powerful weapon so far in, by somehow dragging every celebrity you know to sing the would-be president's "Fight Song".

An acapella version of Rachel Platten's moving track, led by Elizabeth Banks -- channeling her beloved role from Pitch Perfect -- the 3 minute video has now been viewed more than 10 million times since its release on Tuesday.

It's hard to name all the celebs who lend their voices, but includes Jane Fonda, America Ferrera, Idina Menzel, Australia's own Sia, Eva Longoria, Mandy Moore, Modern Family cameos yet there is no sign of Katy Perry, who has regularly appeared for Hillary.

Perhaps she is being held in reserve as a last resort if Donald Trump comes too close to victory.