Janaya Everingham.
Janaya Everingham. Contibuted

Miss Showgirl plans to take over the world

A SPRINKLE of rain didn't dampen the party at the 2017 North Coast National, which heralded a comeback of Lismore's community spirit after the devastation of the March floods.

Organiser Kylee Mitchell said more than 70 stalls, non-stop free live music, and the showgirls all shone at the annual three-day event, now in its 132nd year.

Wet weather only added to the celebration of the local agricultural industry.

"It's a Lismore tradition that if you want a bit of rain, the show is the place to come," Ms Mitchell said on Saturday afternoon, as the weather finally cleared for a night of rodeo.

"It was a bit of a slow start but the bands are going mental and the bars are full and everyone is really starting to stream in.

"It's great to see the buzz after last night, when we had an absolutely massive crowd for the precision driving car race."

Ms Mitchell said the racing cars took to the main arena with a local SES member, a police officer and a showgirl "to say thanks for their support during the floods".

Lismore radio advertising executive Janaya Everingham, 21, won The Northern Star North Coast National Showgirl 2017 after a heated competition between five local entrants.


Showgirl entrants had to engage in public speaking events, an interview with the judges, and had to explain why they would advocate for the local agricultural industry.

Ms Everingham and her partner are primary producers in the region, with 60 Angus breeders located at a property at Backmede.

"I'm a young farmer and, while I do come from a long line of farmers, we have done this off our own backs," Ms Everingham said.

She was scouted by Miss World competition organisers and asked to nominate herself with a modelling portfolio and to compete in the preliminary contest at Sydney in June last year against 40 entrants.

She was chosen as one of seven state finals entrants, representing Lismore.

"I will give Miss World another shot, but I'll see how I go with showgirls, because I feel like it's more my calling," Ms Everingham said.

"While Miss World was great, I couldn't put all my passion of agriculture into it.

"I'm hoping to make it all the way to Sydney for The Royal Easter Show for Lismore next year, as a North Coast National Miss Showgirl.

"This year it's been a roller-coaster, but the show is going onwards and upwards."

North Coast National organisers agree, according to Ms Mitchell.

"That special sense of community may have wavered for a little while and we were severely affected here at the showground from the floods too, but we were able to put the show on for everyone," she said.

"We are one of the iconic events of Lismore.

"Let's hope as the years go on the show movement stays alive."

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