While recent rain helped, the region wants more.
While recent rain helped, the region wants more.

People on the land discuss the future season

A COMMON theme among hopeful and patient residents is that the recent rain helped, but we need a lot more.

Roma topped the list on Thursday with 8.2mm as of 9am while Injune, Blackall, Tambo and Charleville also scored small amounts of rain.

Peter Markworth, forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology said “Roma received 0.5mm of rain this morning and there’s a medium chance of it continuing tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, that’s where the rain may end for the month of January as “the rain will decrease as dry air comes into the southeast making the rainfall back off on Sunday and mostly cloudy conditions are expected for early next week,” Markworth said.

Wallumbilla producer Ree Price who operates The Barn with husband Leon said “this mornings rain helped and we hope it starts to get the ball rolling.”

The events venue began to give the couple “another source of income that wasn’t connected to the weather,” Mrs Price said.

“The response to the events company has been amazing and we are looking forward to a busy year. But as far as the cattle side of things, we just have to watch this space, unfortunately.

“It’s been a good start, but we will take it one day at a time,” she said.

Similarly, George Ladbrook from Ladbrook’s Butchery said the “recent rain has just made it easier emotionally and physically”.

“We live 35 kms north of Roma occupying 7000 acres – we recently had to get rid of a couple hundred cattle because the cost of feed was too much.

“But we are hopeful for the upcoming season, it’s looking very good. We just have to be patient.

“The predicted rain will help beautifully. It’ll kick the grass along and these humid days make it even better, it keeps the moisture in there, hopefully we get a lot more,” he said.

For Muckadilla resident Phillip Crocker, “we didn’t get any rain this morning but last week’s 63mm of rain was a good start but we need more,” he said.

“Grass started to grow, and paddocks got a bit of moisture, but a decent amount of rain will be hugely beneficial.

“While it has been the best fall since April last year, that follow up of rain will turn the season around and it will get us over the line.

“We hope to get more moisture obviously, to increase the winter crop for growing wheat, barley, chick pea and oats, but last weeks rain wasn’t quite enough,” he said.

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