Pair to front court over alleged lack of care for horse

TWO people from Byrnestown hear Gayndah will appear at Gayndah Magistrates Court on July 23 charged with failure to provide appropriate treatment for their palamino mare.

The pair have been charged with failing to provide appropriate treatment for laminitis, failing to provide appropriate care for an infection and cruelty in relation to inappropriate transport of the horse. 

It will be alleged that last year the defendants were the owners of the mare when the RSPCA received complaints and attended the property.

The Inspector observed that the mare was suffering from chronic laminitis and secondary infections due to having to lay down for prolonged periods.

The horse was in very poor condition, was not receiving treatment or medication and was very listless.  The horse was also in obvious pain whilst standing.

The defendants were given an official direction to have the horse examined by a vet and the vet's advice was to euthanase the horse for humane reasons.

However it will be alleged that the horse was then transported from the defendants' property to another location in an attempt to conceal the horse.

After inquiries the horse was located and had to be humanely euthanised by RSPCA.

If the defendants do not attend court it is expected to be heard ex-parte.

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