THE father of a teenager who was the victim of a shocking one-punch assault in a South Grafton street says the incident continues to affect his family three months on.

According to Anthony Tajber, the "coward punch" on July 30 left his 17-year-old son unable to eat properly for a week, due to bruising and a number of large cuts to his lip.

The boy's mother, who witnessed the assault, has been left traumatised, he said.

"He gave my son no warning whatsoever. He could have killed my son right there on the footpath."

CCTV footage of the incident shows the victim was walking from a Bendigo Bank ATM to his mother's car when the assailant - who was known to him - ran at him from behind and punched him in the side of the mouth.

The victim had been looking down at an ATM receipt at the time and didn't see the hit coming until the last few moments.

He fell against his mother's car and onto the ground, but remained conscious. The victim's mother can then be seen getting out of the car and yelling at the offender, who runs away.

CCTV of an assault in South Grafton on July 30.
CCTV of an assault in South Grafton on July 30. Adam Hourigan

This week, South Grafton man Ben Jackson pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm in Grafton Local Court. Police had arrested Jackson at his house in South Grafton on the night of the attack. At the time, he and his girlfriend said they had been home all day.

According to police facts, the assault was preceded by an argument between the pair on July 23, in which the accused struck the victim in the mouth with a closed fist after accusing him of sleeping with his girlfriend. That matter wasn't reported to police.

Yesterday, Mr Tajber said there was no excuse for what happened to his son.

"I've watched the video a few times and my blood just boils when I look at it," he said. "If my son was knocked out and hit the concrete we could have been turning his life support off."

The father of four added that he had been following highly-publicised one-punch attacks on the news, and was horrified at what was happening on Australian streets.

"I think it's the most cowardly thing anyone can do to run up behind them and punch them," he said. "It's just not on."

After the footage of the attack was played in court on Monday, defence solicitor Greg Coombes said there was some dispute over police facts detailing events after the initial punch, which read that "the accused stood over the victim with his fists raised in what is described as a further attempt to assault the victim".

It was argued instead that he left the scene promptly.

"The vision shown in court was, even to the most hardened solicitor, shocking, but it did show that the police facts were not accurate," he said.

"The initial strike was as described but behaviour after was not.

"I acknowledge it's a serious offence and am pleased the magistrate is looking at options, which will be given to her by probation and parole in a report which will cover his background and issues he may have."

A 12 month good behaviour bond Jackson received in April last year will be reviewed.

He is due to be sentenced in Grafton Local Court on November 21.

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