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Oakey man bashes St George alcohol delivery driver

AN OAKEY man knocked a St George delivery driver to the ground before launching a violent bashing and strangling attack after his credit card was declined.

Oakey father Craig John Burton, 26, faced St George Magistrates Court on November 17 for a vicious assault he launched on an unsuspecting worker on June 19.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the court Burton ordered an alcohol delivery to a Grey Street address.

Senior constable Tahana said Burton tried to pay for the alcohol twice with his card, but declined both times.

“[Burton] then stated, ‘I’m taking it anyway’,” senior constable Tahana told the court.

“The driver of the vehicle has said, ‘I can’t let you take it without paying first.’

“[Burton] then pushed this person in the torso,” she said.

He then grabbed the alcohol from the back seat as the victim left the vehicle and reminded Burton that he couldn’t take it without paying for it.

Then Burton punched the victim in the head, knocking him to the ground.

When down, Burton kept on punching the victim in the head.

He sat on the victim, grabbed him around the neck and stopped his breathing, as Burton continued to punch him.

Another person then came along, broke up the fight, and paid for the alcohol.

The victim, who was left with facial injuries, including a black eye and facial abrasions, went to the police station after the incident.

“Given the defendant's history, and the seriousness of the offence, imprisonment is certainly in range,” senior constable Tahana said, submitting that Burton have a six to nine month prison sentence without actual time in custody.

Burton’s solicitor Andrew Bale said the evening of the offence was the last night he was going to spend in St George before moving away for a new job.

“He had moved all his belongings the next day,” Mr Bale said.

“Police had been around to the house advising the other people if they wanted to speak to him.”

After negotiations between Mr Bale and the arresting officer at the time, it was agreed that Burton would be taken to the Toowoomba watch-house and his parole be suspended.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop said the result of this is, “probably no more late night alcohol deliveries in St George.”

She said that she vaguely remembers sentencing Burton in March 2020 as well, and had some harsh words for him.

“It’s a consistent pattern of offending, nearly every year for the last seven and a half years, and by the looks of it, it’s all got to do with alcohol,” she said.

“I think I told you then, you were on the verge of killing somebody, didn’t I?

“And I put you on immediate parole hoping that you would gain something from that.

“It sounds like it’s not just you who’s failed yourself, it does seem like the system’s failed you.”

She said Burton really needs to be supervised, and while Magistrate Mossop apologised on behalf of the government for ‘failing him’, she said it is ultimately his responsibility for his own actions.

Burton was given a nine month prison sentence with a conviction recorded.

The case against a co-accused has been adjourned.

Originally published as Oakey man bashes St George alcohol delivery driver

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