READY TO FIGHT: Luke Rathjen takes his stance as he prepares for karate.
READY TO FIGHT: Luke Rathjen takes his stance as he prepares for karate. Quintin Maddern

No stopping karate kid Luke Rathjen from getting his belt

KARATE runs strong in the Rathjen family and Luke hopes to follow in his mother's footsteps and get his black belt one day.

Luke, who has all the makings of a potential champion, is part of the Roma Karate Club, which will start up again this month.

The quietly confident orange belt said his favourite move is the three kick sequence.

"I learn a lot of things, I love kata training and improving more kicking technique," he said.

"I love the different stances, kicks and punching styles, I can even break a board with my hand."

Michelle said karate had been a great confidence builder for Luke.

"Luke is a lot more confident; he never wants to miss a training session and has met a lot of new friend through karate," she said.

Sensei Will Campbell said there are a lot of opportunities for karate in Roma.

"We are excited for the opportunity to head back to the Vegas World Karate Tournament; all the guys enjoyed the experience and performed very well against the world's best," he said.

"Any parent or the public can come and support the Australian Karate team, and the airfares are very reasonable."

Campbell said Roma was filled with talent, who go up against the best from Toowoomba and Brisbane.

"We have about 30 members training," he said.

"I believe karate is necessary to teach adults self-confidence and be aware of their surroundings.

"We teach Renbukan karate, it's a good solid semi-contact style, learning control and contact."

Campbell said he had noticed the huge improvement in Luke, both physically and mentally.

"I have noticed a big difference in Luke, he is more confident; karate has helped him a lot," he said.

"He was our most improved student, and his hard practice has paid off."

For more information or to join karate, phone Will on 0428223082.

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