Kieren Pye was 23.
Kieren Pye was 23.

No plan to kill anyone, Kieren's murder trial told

NOBODY was supposed to die, a witness has told the Kieren Pye murder trial.

Chaotic exchanges as Mr Pye was killed and his friend Peter Bell allegedly ambushed were described to jurors on Friday.

Wayne Lemaga and Tupu Sauaga have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Pye at Carole Park, Ipswich, in April 2015.

A witness, whose name has been suppressed, told Brisbane Supreme Court Mr Bell's car was the target of a planned robbery.

"There was a planned robbery. There was no plan to kill anyone.”

He said Mr Sauaga "was going to take the car off Peter Bell.”

Two groups of people met in the early hours of April 2 at Carole Park.

The witness told jurors one group included him, Mr Lemaga, Mr Sauaga and a woman named Cassandra.

Mr Bell, who has admitted selling drugs, was in a car with Mr Pye and Mr Pye's girlfriend Renae Grove.

The witness said he approached the trio and "after about 30 seconds” started arguing with Mr Bell.

He said at one point the car keys fell to the ground.

"I said pick the f---ing keys up and give them to me.”

But he denied holding a knife to Mr Bell's throat.

He said Mr Lemaga "smashed a window” during the encounter.

The witness said despite threatening Mr Bell, he tried saving Ms Grove.

"I suggest you never offered any assistance to anybody in the car,” Mr Lemaga's barrister Andrew Hoare told the witness.

"I said: Get out the other side and run,” the witness replied.

The witness told jurors Mr Bell said "This is the third time I've been robbed. I'm sick of this,” and took off.

Senior forensic pathologist Beng Ong said Mr Pye had multiple stab wounds in his back and extensive abrasions on the front of his torso.

Mr Pye also had "several bruises on the back of his hand and wrist,” Dr Ong told the court.

He told prosecutor Vicki Loury some injuries including "bruises in the knuckle region” may have been offensive or defensive.

He said some front abrasions were consistent with being run over.

Dr Ong said Mr Pye was found to have numerous facial injuries and some of these were consistent with "blunt force” impact.

The trial continues. -NewsRegional

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