Girl national star after 'photo bombing' news segment

MACKAY has a new celebrity after an excited photo bomber crashed a news segment. 

In the segment of 7 Local News Mackay's 'Street Talk' with Scott Linden, an excited Georgia Knoll walks past the camera before turning back to stand behind Mr Linden.

She waves and smiles at the camera before patting down her hair and smoothing her eyebrows.

7 Local News Mackay posted the footage on their Facebook page and within 24 hours the video has been viewed more than 800,000 times and shared more than 8000 times.

It was also picked up by national media this morning.

Journalist Scott Linden said in a comment on the Facebook post he was glad the camera kept rolling.

"I think it was Stacie filming this one on Tuesday, and as I was wrapping up she started giggling and I knew someone was behind me ... just didn't know who until I turned around.

"Thanks to Stacey for keeping the camera rolling (because normally we stop when we get interrupted)." 

Mr Linden said he had met Georgia before.

"Georgia also sang at the Guy Sebastian concert from memory and I think was on stage last year at either the Mayors Charity Ball or Variety Club Old Bags Lunch that I was hosting, I can't remember which one.

"A few of the people watching us film came up and commented afterwards how excited Georgia was in the background.

"Thanks for sharing this one around folks, she's a gem."

Georgia Knoll 'photo bombs' Scott Linden
Georgia Knoll 'photo bombs' Scott Linden 7 Local News Mackay | Facebook

He said he's been doing Street Talk for more than a decade and this was definitely the most memorable one.

"I think I've been doing Street Talk on 7 Local News Mackay for either 9 or 10 years now, around 45 weeks a year, so I reckon we've done around 400 editions," he wrote.

"We've had everything from drug addicts grab the camera, been told to 'go away', far more colourfully and in school holidays we normally get teenage school kids carrying on in the background.

"This is the most memorable Street Talk of those 400 or so."

Georgia's younger sister Kathyrn also commented on the post saying: "For anyone wondering, she's exactly the same at home. Always manages to make us laugh.

"Light of my life and best friend," she said.

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