NAMED: Everyone who appeared in the Roma Magistrates Court September 29.
NAMED: Everyone who appeared in the Roma Magistrates Court September 29.

NAMED AND SHAMED: Everyone who appeared in court

FROM racially abusing a sales assistant at the local jewellery store to climbing under a car while high on meth or carrying an 18cm knife around, find out what other offences were heard in the Roma courthouse.

The below pleaded guilty to their offences:

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The below had their convictions recorded:

Nathan Ross Coveney

APPEARING via videolink from prison, Nathan Ross Coveney asked a Roma Magistrate to “give me a fine so I can get me parole back” after he was charged with possessing dangerous drugs and drug utensils.

Magistrate Peter Saggers told the defendant, “we don’t really get into an auction situation here”.

Coveney pleaded guilty to one count of failing to take reasonable care of a syringe and possessing utensils that had been used.

The magistrate fined Coveney $500 and he will remain behind bars. The conviction was recorded.

Violet Dorothy Ann Stephan

WHILE on her way to appear in the Beaudesert Magistrates Court to deal with other matters, Violet Dorothy Ann Stephan first had to appear via phone to the Roma Magistrates Court to address her offence of driving around with an 18cm knife.

The court heard, Stephan was intercepted by Roma police on Albert St at 3am on September 16.

She was driving with five other passengers in a gold Mazda.

Stephan pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a knife in a public place.

Magistrate Saggers fined Stephan $500, forfeited the knife and the conviction was recorded.

Jack Laurie Sheahan

HIGH on meth and driving during the middle of the day, the sight of a police RBT in Roma sent Jack Laurie Sheahan into a panic before he made a “hopeless” attempt to evade officers.

On Tuesday September 29, the court heard police officers intercepted Sheahan, 22, driving a white Toyota HiLux along Currey St at 12.25pm on August 23.

Police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff said as police approached, the defendant exited his car and crawled under the rear of it.

Police waited for Sheahan to crawl out before pulling him out.

“Your attempts to evade police probably got more hopeless as it went on, until they took the saliva test from you,” the magistrate said.

“You have brought this on yourself, you have caused heartache for your family no doubt, you’ve lost your job and licence.

“I hope you have some understanding about smoking meth – stop it now before it becomes a disaster and before your life becomes a downward plunge that drugs will do.

“You have everything going for you – don’t wreck it by using meth.”

Sheahan pleaded guilty to driving while relevant drug is present in blood or saliva.

Magistrate Peter Saggers fined the defendant $500 and disqualified him from driving for three months.

The conviction was recorded.

Cannot be named for legal reasons. Find out more here:

A YOUNG Roma man will undergo 240 hours of community service after he called his mother a ‘home wrecking c--t’ and ‘nothing but a f--king slut’ before messaging his cousin ‘I’m going to bash all you faggots’ when his housemate announced that he was gay on Facebook.

Cannot be named for legal reasons. Find out more here:

A ROMA woman has threatened to stab and kill her ex-partner after she went to his house to collect a lawnmower and whipper snipper.

Conor John Hennessy

INSTEAD of a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Brisbane police officers found meth inside a chocolate bar belonging to Conor John Hennessy, which gave him a golden ticket to Roma Magistrates Court.

The Roma court heard on September 29 that police intercepted Hennessy, 26, and two other adults driving in Theodore at 1pm on July 31.

Officers executed a search warrant and located 0.01 grams of methamphetamine hidden in a chocolate bar wrapper found in the defendant’s bag.

Hennessy told police he thought it was ice.

The defendant pleaded guilty to committing public nuisance within a licensed premises, contravening a direction order, two counts of possessing utensils, two counts of possessing dangerous drugs, unlawful possession of restricted drugs, possession of a knife and three counts of failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

The magistrate fined Hennessy $1750 for the 11 offences with a conviction recorded.

For breaching his probation order, Hennessy was fined another $1750 and the conviction was recorded.

Joedyn James Blake

IT WAS a close call for Joedyn James Blake who could have been sent to prison for three months for breaching his suspended sentence when police busted him with drug utensils.

The court heard on August 11, Roma police officers were conducting patrols on Bungil St when they located two males inside the shed in a carpark.

When police were speaking to the defendant, they observed a sauce bottle with a garden hose and cone piece coming out from the bottle.

Officers also smelt burnt cannabis.

Magistrate Saggers said to Blake, “I recall you coming here (court) on July 8 and I would have said to you, if you are on a suspended sentence – any offence for which you could get jail, breaches that suspended sentence and possessing a bong breaches that suspended sentence”.

“I could send you to jail for three months unless it’s unjust… I do find it unjust but you’re pushing the envelope and are running out of chances.”

Blake pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing utensils or pipes that had been used.

Blake was fined $500, the conviction was recorded and his probation order was extended by one month.

Jack James Burgess

19-YEAR-old Jack James Burgess was handed a $750 fine for driving his uninsured and unregistered motorcycle without a licence.

The court heard at 4pm on August 30, police intercepted Burgess riding near the United service station on the Warrego Highway.

When police questioned Burgess, he told officers he thought he had a licence to ride his motorcycle.

The magistrate told him that if he’s on a public road, he has to be licensed and his vehicle must be registered and insured.

He pleaded guilty to driving an uninsured vehicle, driving without a licence and vehicles used on roads must be registered.

He was fined $750 for the three offences and the conviction was recorded.

Gordan Peter Cowan

GORDAN Peter Cowan will be off the roads for six months after he pleaded guilty to drink driving.

The Roma Magistrates Court heard at 4.27pm on July 8, Injune police were conducting RBT when they intercepted the defendant driving a black Nissan Nivara on Hutton St.

Cowan complied with a roadside breath test and was told he would need to attend Roma police station for a further test.

The defendant pointed said he had an infant child in the car so would provide a blood analysis at the Injune Hospital.

He returned a blood and alcohol reading of 0.051 per cent.

Sergeant Boodnikoff told the court the defendant has like-offences on his criminal history.

The magistrate said, “you’re just over the limit, but you pay the price because of your previous history”.

He was disqualified from driving for six months and the conviction was recorded.

Sarah Anne Garner

AT 2.20pm on June 10, Dalby police intercepted a silver Ford on the Warrego Highway.

Police conducted routine checks and confirmed Sarah Anne Garner’s drivers licence was disqualified from October 16, 2019 to June 15.

A few weeks later, at 1.15pm on July 28, the Roma roadside policing until intercepted a black Nissan on Suiter St in relation to another matter.

The vehicle contained two adult females and Garner.

Garner produced a probationary licence and told police she had not consumed an illicit drugs.

However, a saliva test provided a positive indication of drugs.

At the police station, she admitted having smoked marijuana that morning.

Sergeant Boodnikoff told the magistrate, Garner as a similar offence on her criminal history from 2016.

Garner pleaded guilty to driving without a licence disqualified by court order repeat offender and one count of offence of driving while relevant drug is present.

Magistrate Saggers handed Garner an 18-month probation order and the conviction was recorded.

For the driving while disqualified offence, Garner is further disqualified for a further two years and for the drug driving offence, she is disqualified for nine months.

“You’ve been before the court in 2016, 2018 for drug driving and previously dealt with in 2014 for dangerous and drink driving,” the magistrate said.

“There are some issues you need to get sorted and that’s drug taking and at a lesser extent, alcohol.

“Because there becomes a stage with these orders, if you don’t comply with them and if you’re disqualified, you don’t drive.”

Robert Aaron Mitchell

PATRONS at The Royal on Ninety-Nine were left shocked after a jailbird on parole smashed property and blocked the exit to fleeing diners, the Roma Magistrates Court has heard.

Robert Aaron Mitchell, 29, appeared via videolink and pleaded guilty to a number of charges including wilful damage, two counts of public nuisance within licenced premises, obstructing sergeant Cian Jacobs whilst adversely affected, and assaulting sgt Jacobs whilst adversely affected.

Mitchell was sentenced to six months imprisonment in total, to be served cumulatively with the prison sentence he already has and won’t be released until September 23, 2021.

He was eligible for parole immediately.

Alongside the prison sentence, he was also slapped with 80 hours of community service upon release.

Krystal-Leigh Hilda Maree Taylor

KRYSTAL-LEIGH Hilda Maree Taylor pleaded guilty to one count of contravening a direction or requirement of police and was ultimately fined $100.

On August 22, Taylor was required to attend Roma Police Station within seven days, however failed to do so.

She attended the police station on September 5 and told police she “had forgotten”.

The magistrate told Taylor, “when you have these commitments, you have to be on time with them – be on the ball with that”.

Taylor was fined $100 and the conviction was recorded.

The below did not have their convictions recorded:

Charles William Gleeson

A 19-YEAR-old boy who recently moved to Roma has been slapped with a $1500 fine and disqualified from getting behind the wheel of a car for six-months after he was caught driving recklessly in Chinchilla.

At 1.10am on August 9, police officers were patrolling Zeller St in Chinchilla when they observed a white Suzuki utility travelling in the opposite direction.

Sergeant Boodnikoff told the court police observed the driver swerve across the left lane.

Police pulled over the driver and found the car to be unregistered and uninsured.

The defendant produced his driver’s licence and told police he had three beers earlier in the night.

Gleeson was taken back to the Miles police station where he returned a breath analysis test of 0.0167 per cent.

Gleeson pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, driving an uninsured vehicle and driving an unregistered vehicle. The convictions were not recorded.

Roseanne Lee Burns

A ROMA mother launched into an abusive and racially vilifying tirade at a Coomber Bros Jewellers sales assistant after she returned a ring she had bought for her daughter.

The court heard Burns yelled “you’re a sassy little bitch” and “f--king slut” before leaving then said “you’re a little tart, I’m not coming back”.

Sergeant Boodnikoff said during the refund process, Burns continued to abuse staff and when a Fijian staff member told her it wasn’t nice the way she was speaking to people, Burns said “shut up you f--king foreign bitch or I’ll come over and slap you too”.

Burns pleaded guilty to one charge of public nuisance and she was fined $750. The conviction was not recorded.

Stephen Patrick Conroy

AN INJUNE father was warned about the potential fatal consequences his actions could have had on his son when he faced court for doing a 75 metres wheelie on his motorbike with his child on the front.

Sergeant Boodnikoff said as the defendant drove, he increased speed rapidly.

“The motorcycle drove for 75 metres on the rear wheel before it slowed down and the front feel made contact with the road again,” she said.

Conroy pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a vehicle and had nothing to say in court for his actions.

Magistrate Peter Saggers said, “what seems like harmless fun, when you stand back at look at it, it can have fatal and devastating consequences”.

Conroy was fined $750 and disqualified from driving for six months.

The conviction was not recorded.

Shalom Brim Silva

SHALOM Brim Silva moved to Roma from Brazil in search of better opportunities and while he does volunteer his time as an auxiliary firefighter at the Roma Fire Station, he was the one who landed himself in trouble recently.

Silva, 25, was busted by police drink driving while the holder of a P2 licence.

The court heard at 7.56am on September 6, officers from the Road Police Unit were conducting RBT on Bowen St.

Officers intercepted the defendant driving a blue Holden where he produced his P2 driver’s license and told police he consumed about 10 Great Northern beers the night before and was on his way home from a mate’s place.

Silva’s solicitor, Craig van der Hoven of Creevey Russell Lawyers said his client is a hardworking member of the community.

“He moved to Roma when he was 18 from Brazil in search of better opportunities and volunteers as an auxiliary firefighter and works for Vertech Group FIFO,” he said.

“He honestly believed he was under the limit and stayed at a friend’s house that night and hadn’t been drinking for hours.

“He made admissions to police and clearly remorseful for his actions which are out of character.”

The defendant pleaded guilty to drink driving while the holder of a provisional licence.

Magistrate Saggers fined Silva $350 and the conviction was not recorded.

Michael James Douglas Ellis

MICHAEL James Douglas Ellis was baffled that his matter even came before a court when he appeared in the Roma courthouse on September 29.

Ellis pleaded guilty to one count of stealing after CCTV footage depicted him removing steel and iron from the Wallumbilla waste disposal centre.

At 4pm on June 21, footage shows a white utility towing a large trailer drive into the centre then remove steel and iron and load it into the trailer and drive off.

On August 22, police attended to Ellis’ home and spoke to him where he said, “it’s from the dump for f—k sake” and “they’ve had signs from there and I’ve been taking stuff out of there for ages” and “this is a joke, the magistrate will laugh this out of court”.

In court, Ellis frustrated with the matter asked the magistrate why he was the only one who has been charged for this offence when he sees people doing it all the time.

“Even from that day, until today, people are still taking stuff,” he said.

“I’m the only one being charged for this and I still see people taking stuff and I don’t understand why I am the only one being charged.”

Magistrate Saggers told Ellis that lawfully, the dump is owned by Maranoa Regional Council.

“I appreciate what you’re saying,” the magistrate said.

“But it was only a little bit of steel,” Ellis replied.

“I take your point – don’t take anymore things from the dump,” the magistrate said.

Ellis was fined $300 and the conviction was not recorded.

Liam Trent Brooker

LIAM Trent Brooker was fined $350 and disqualified from driving for one month after he was busted drug driving.

At about 8pm on Christmas Eve last year, Roma police officers were conducting RBT on Bowen St when they intercepted the defendant driving a grey Toyota.

He denied consuming any illicit drugs but said he had been around people who had been.

A saliva test returned a positive result of methamphetamine.

Brooker said to the magistrate it was a bad error of judgment.

He pleaded guilty to driving while relevant drug is present in blood or saliva.

The conviction was recorded on his traffic history.

Ryan James Young

RYAN James Young was intercepted by police on Orello Road at 11.29pm on July 30.

Police observed red P plates on Young’s Toyota utility.

Officers conducted a roadside breath test which produced a reading of 0.076 per cent.

Young was given a 24-hour driving suspension on the spot.

He told the magistrate he understands it was a “very wrong thing to do”.

He pleaded guilty to drive over the general alcohol limit but not over middle alcohol limit not holder of licence or learner, probationary or provisional licence holder.

The magistrate disqualified him from driving for three months and the conviction was recorded on his traffic history.

THE below have yet to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty in court and their matters are still ongoing.


  • Battistella, Paul Raymond
  • Benecke, Lance Morton
  • Shannon Maree Casey
  • Luke John Daly
  • Neville Keith Dennis
  • Anne-Maree Draper
  • Jenny Lee Ebsworth
  • Hope-Amelia English
  • Layla Fraser
  • Robert Raymond Fraser
  • Michael David Hasted
  • Lane Andrew Hearn
  • Anthony James Craig Kemp
  • Myanna Rose Lake
  • Suzana Ann Lawson
  • Alexander Llewellyn McGeorge
  • Michael Leslie McKellar
  • Mervyn James Milson
  • Mervyn John Mitchell
  • Benjamin Ross Penrose
  • Miha Kaipou Pohatu
  • Joshua Luke Pope
  • Robbie Lee Ryan
  • Samantha Elizabeth Senescall
  • Matthew Alexander Stansbie
  • Albert Leslie Storch
  • Nakayla Ellen Samuels
  • John Paul Sullivan
  • Michael James Ries
  • Hamish John Volker
  • Thomas William Gibbs
  • Jemma Rose Walters
  • Amanda Nola Dick

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