Roma Courthouse
Roma Courthouse

NAMED AND SHAMED: Everyone who appeared in court

FROM bashing local publicans, calling a barmaid a "racist c--t", knocking someone out and telling police "he fell over" and an alleged child exploitation offence, find out what other offences were heard in the Roma Magistrates Court this month.

The below pleaded guilty to their offences:

A ROMA magistrate warned Garry Raymond Brodie Barber that if he chooses to continue using drugs, then it was a "selfish choice that doesn't consider the benefits" to his two-year-old child.

Barber, 31, pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs, possession of a knife in a public place and two counts of breaching bail conditions.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court police intercepted the defendant and another man walking along Cottell St, Roma.

Officers searched the defendant and located a sachet of suboxone and a pocketknife in his bag.

Sgt Whiting stated at about 2.30pm on June 30, Mitchell police officers arrested the defendant in relation to another matter and while in police custody, officers noticed fresh injection marks.

The defendant was transported to Roma Hospital where he provided a specimen of breath which later found methamphetamine in his system.

Magistrate Peter Saggers fined Barber $750 for the four offences and the conviction was recorded.

BARRON, an unemployed father-of-nine chased a man outside the front of the Roma courthouse, armed with a lump of wood, because he was owed money.   

Sgt Whiting told the court at about 1pm on July 7, the victim was at the courthouse where he was appearing in court that day. A vehicle stopped out the front and the defendant has alighted from the vehicle."  

"Witnesses have seen the defendant carrying a large lump of wood.  

"The victim was walking past the front of the courthouse and the defendant has made a beeline for the victim, when the victim saw the defendant approaching, he started to run away.  

"Several witnesses saw the defendant run after the victim on Queen St until a vehicle stopped and the defendant got into the vehicle and followed the victim who by this time ran onto Suiter St."  

When magistrate Saggers asked Barron why he intended on hurting the victim, he responded "he stole money from me."  

"That's not the right way to go about it, especially when you have kids, you need to set the right example because you then get caught up in this continuouscycle," the magistrate said.  

The magistrate fined Barron $1000 for both offences and the conviction was recorded.  

  • Brittain, Danielle Maree 

DANIELLE Maree Brittain was fined $250 and ordered to pay $50.47 to the BP in Caboolture after she filled up her vehicle and drove off without paying.   

Sgt Whiting told the court at 2pm on March 24, Brittain drove her vehicle to a BP in Caboolture and filled up her car then drove off without any attempt to pay. 

"On July 27, Yuleba police observed the vehicle and stopped and spoke to the driver, who was the defendant, during the interview she admitted she had been to that BP and had driven off," sgt Whiting said.   

"She stated that she realised she didn't have any money but needed fuel to continue driving to Toowoomba."  

The magistrate fined Brittain $250 and she was ordered to pay the $50.47 in compensation. The conviction was not recorded.   

DEATCH Samual Clifford yelled "I'm the king of the town, I'll punch ya head in" when he asked by a former Club Hotel manager to remove his child from the smoking area of the venue.  

He then spat and punched the hotel manager in the face, then proceeded to yell at police officers, "do you dogs want to fight me?"  

Sgt Whiting told the court about 9.45pm on October 14, 2019, police were called to The Club Hotel Motel in relation to a disturbance.  

The manager at the time told police he was spat on and punched by Clifford after he asked him and his partner to remove their child from the smoking area.  

The court heard Clifford then started to urinate on the brick wall in the enclosed smoking area yelling, "I'm just gonna piss bro", "just need to piss bro" and "I'm gonna get thrown outta here".  

When the former manager told Clifford to leave the hotel, he was spat on and told by the defendant "I'm the king of the town, I'll punch ya head in".  

The defendant left the premises then kicked the wall and yelled "mother f**king dogs. I'll go to jail, I don't give a f**k". 

He removed his shirt and punched the manager multiple times to the head causing multiple injuries - a split lip and bruised left cheek.  

Clifford pleaded guilty to three charges - assault occasioning bodily harm in a public place while adversely affected by intoxicating substance, commit public nuisance within licensed premises and urinating in a public place in licensed premises or in the vicinity of licensed premises.  

For the act of spitting and punching, magistrate Saggers sentenced Clifford to six-months imprisonment, suspended for 12-months.  

For the three offences combined, Clifford was ordered to undergo 100-hours of community service and the conviction was recorded.

DENNIS called a Queens Arms barmaid a "racist slut" and a "c--t", subsequently banning him from all the pubs in town.   

The court heard that when a barmaid from The Queens Arm's Hotel refused Dennis from placing a bet because the hotel was closing, he became increasingly angry towards staff and patrons.  

The court heard Dennis approached the bar requesting a drink and to withdraw cash from the EFTPOS machine.  

The barmaid served him a drink but refused to withdraw him cash and said the machine had been turned off.   He then asked to place a bet but was told he could only place one because the venue was closing.  

"The defendant became agitated and angry and accused the victim of being racist," Sgt Whiting said.  

Dennis demanded to be allowed to place a bet and continued verbally abusing both staff members.  

"Other patrons have intervened which made the defendant become angrier and more agitated," Sgt Whiting said.

"The defendant verbally abused other patrons who were attempting to assist the informant."  

He questioned one patron, "you wanna be big man?" before a barmaid stood between the pair trying to calm down the situation.  

Dennis yelled at her, "racist c--t" and "f--king whore".

 He pleaded guilty to one count of committing public nuisance within a licensed premises.  

Magistrate Saggers banned Dennis from all licensed venues in Roma for three-months, slapped him with a $700 fine and the conviction was not recorded.  

MAURICE Peter Hayman was busted by police at the Roma lookout with 1.8 grams of ice in his car.  

Sgt Whiting told the court at 1pm on March 23, police intercepted two vehicles at the lookout.  

Police asked Hayman if he would like to declare anything and he stated there were drugs on the floor of his utility.  

Officers located small bags containing large white crystals and Hayman confirmed it was ice.   Police also located a glass pipe.

Hayman was charged with possessing dangerous drugs, possessing utensils or pipes for use and contravening a direction or requirement of police.  

The magistrate convicted and fined Hayman $800 for the three offences and the conviction was recorded.  

  • Hearn, Clinton Wayne 

CLINTON Wayne Hearn was ordered to undergo 40-hours of unpaid community service after he graffitied all over a council mural in Jackson.   

The court heard between December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020 Hearn was travelling from Toowoomba to Roma for a football competition.   

He dropped in Jackson to go to the bathroom and while there he inscribed his name on a mural painted on the toilet block. 

 Magistrate Saggers labelled Hearn's actions as a "mindless, stupid thing to do".

"Someone has gone to the effort to paint the mural, and you drew over it.   

"But if imagine if you or a friend of yours put up a mural, you wouldn't want someone to do that - it's disrespectful and people in Roma enjoy the artwork." 

Hearn was ordered to undergo 40-hours of unpaid community service and the conviction was recorded.   

  • Hickey, Kristen Renee 

KRISTEN Renee Hickey pleaded guilty to one count of stealing and one count of contravening a probation order.

Hickey, 38, was caught stealing a packet of cigarettes and a lighter from a woman's handbag in the pokie area of The Club Hotel Motel on July 23.   

The magistrate told the defendant, "it was a dishonest thing to do, leave the bag alone - if it's not yours, do not touch it".  

Magistrate Saggers fined Hickey $250 and the conviction was recorded. 

THE father of six who is currently serving a suspended sentence for an assault charge appeared in the court charged with possession of a large quantity of cannabis.  

Higgins, 37, told magistrate Saggers he uses the drug to treat his chronic shoulder and stomach pain.  

Sgt Whiting told the court at 7am on May 13, police executed a search warrant at the defendant's home.  

Officers located 353 grams of cannabis, two water pipes, a set of scales and a plastic container containing chopped green leafy material.  

"As you can tell by my voice your Honour, I'm not used to 353 grams of cannabis as that's getting onto the higher end of possession," Sgt Whiting said.  

"The prosecution would submit that due to this offence occurring on a suspended sentence for a serious offence, and the weight of the drug - a term of imprisonment is in range for the drug possession charge."  

Higgins pleaded guilty to the four offences - one count of possessing property suspected of having been used in connection with the commission of a drug offence, two counts of possessing utensils or pipes that had been used and one count of possessing dangerous drugs.  

Higgin's lawyer, L Reid said her client is a single father of six children.  

"He instructs me that he suffers from chronic shoulder pain as a result of injuries and he was ready to have surgery but due to COVID that didn't go ahead," she said. 

"He's also suffered with stomach pain since he was 14-years-old and on this occasion he'd taken so many pain killers that he was drowsy so while he knew it was illegal, he decided to use cannabis to ease the pain.  

"He chops it up, bakes it and makes cake slices - he understands it's illegal and will talk to a doctor to see if he's eligible for medicinal trial of cannabis, alternatively will find pain killers to assist him."  

The magistrate told Higgins he must find another means to treat his illness.  

"If you're responsible for six-children, you need to find another way than this illicit means," the magistrate said.  

Higgins was fined $1250 for the four offences and the conviction was recorded.   The magistrate extended the defendant's suspended sentence by a further three months.

  • Murphy, Katie Renelle 

MURPHY pleaded guilty to contravention of a community service order.   

The magistrate fined the defendant $400 and the conviction was recorded.   

  • Richardson, Brodie John, Mr 

AFTER Brodie John Richardson's mother imposed a police protection order against him, he attempted to retrieve his bird from her home.   

Sgt Whiting said on June 3, the defendant went to his mother's home and when she told him to leave her property, he called her a "slut" and a "whore".  

The defendant then honked his horn before performing a burnout out the front of her house.   

Brodie's lawyer, L Reed told the court that her client suffers from bipolar and this particular incident was "out of character" but he is addressing his mental health issues.   

The magistrate said he was pleased to hear that Brodie was seeking assistance for his mental health. He fined the defendant $350 and the conviction was not recorded.   

A MAGISTRATE warned Tobias Oscar Shefe that he was lucky to be alive after the 19-year-old drove three times the limit on the wrong side of the road towards oncoming traffic.  

Sgt Whiting told the court that at 7.45pm on August 5, a witness observed Schefe leave the Whitebull Tavern and stumble into his car.  

Former Maranoa Regional Councillor David Schefe was at the back of the courtroom in support when Sgt Whiting told the court his son was driving on Bowen St in a western direction and drove over a concrete traffic island damaging his front tyre causing sparks to fly.  

Sgt Whiting said a road train travelling east was forced to break heavily to avoid a collision with the defendant's vehicle.  

Magistrate Saggers labelled Schefe's actions as a "very serious example of misjudgement".  

"You were drunk enough to get to 0.161 which is a high reading itself, you were affected to the extent where you obviously couldn't make a rational decision to drive.  

"You're extremely fortunate you are here for the proceedings and you're not being wheeled in.  

"I was told the truck had to break heavily, so there would have been significant risk to you and your family. And how would that affect your family if that happened to you.  

"And that blood and alcohol reading poses a risk to not only yourself, but others."   

Schefe pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and driving without due care and attention.   

Magistrate Saggers warmly told Schefe to not let this incident define his future.  

"This will be something you move on from, it will pass," he said.  

"You've made a mistake, you've come to court, move on.

Don't let it define your entire life. "It's a mistake you've made, you're 19 and you can move on from this."  

Schefe was fined $1500 for the two offences and disqualified from driving for seven months.  

The conviction was recorded on the defendant's traffic history.

  • Staples, Lorna Jean 

THE 70-year-old pleaded guilty to stealing an 80-year-olds handbag, containing $300 cash, from the public seat on Wyndham St, Roma.   

Sgt Whiting told the court on the morning of February 19, the victim was sitting on the public bench making a phone call and her purse was on the seat beside her.   

The victim went to the pharmacy in the Westlands Plaza and while she was away, Staples discretely placed the purse inside her black carry bag and walked away.   

Staples lawyer, L Reed told the court her client has no prior convictions on her criminal history and can't explain why she stole the money.   

"She's extremely embarrassed about her actions," Ms Reed said.   

The magistrate ordered Staples to pay $500 recognisance to the court and $300 compensation to the victim.   

THE Roma man was sentenced to three months in prison for violently attacking another man because he believed the victim's brother slept with his girlfriend, just weeks after he was released on parole for a similar offence.  

The court heard on August 2, the victim was drinking at a Foott St home drinking before he left to walk home along Bowen St.  

Wortley saw the victim on the side of the road and yelled at him and said his brother had slept with Wortley's partner.

The two engaged in a verbal altercation after the victim defended his brother.  

As the man tried to walk away, Wortley grabbed him by his shoulder and punched him in the face twice.  

The court heard he fell to the ground and said he couldn't feel the right side of his face or the top of his lip.   He got up from the ground and told Wortley to let him walk home.  

The defendant followed the victim and next thing he knew he woke up and couldn't remember what had happened.

Sgt Whiting said the victim woke up to Wortley beside him who said that he simply "fell over".  

When interviewed by police, Wortley said after walking down Bowen St after consuming a lot of alcohol, he observed the victim laying on the ground and said he must have fell over.  

Magistrate Saggers said Wortley was sentenced in the Roma District Court last December for a similar bodily harm domestic violence offence and also a common assault domestic violence offence.  

"Within weeks of being released on parole, you assaulted this victim because his brother was having an affair with your ex-girlfriend," he said.   

"You assaulted him, knocked him unconscious then lied to police saying he fell over."  

Wortley pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm in a public place while adversely affected by intoxicating substance.  

Saggers sentenced Wortley to 12 months imprisonment but will be released on parole after three months.  

He is ordered to perform 50-hours unpaid community service and has to pay $620.96 to the victim after he broke his glasses and to compensate for days off work.  

"At the end of the three-months when released from custody, you'll have nine-months imprisonment hanging over your head," the magistrate said.  


THE pregnant mother with a history of violent attacks was told to stop drinking by a Roma magistrate when she faced court for an assault that left a woman in hospital.  

The court heard on January 11, Cherylee Kate Wortley hosted a party at her former home in Toowoomba.  

Sgt Whiting said Wortley had consumed a large amount of alcohol before she told another woman to leave her party. 

The court heard a verbal argument escalated between the pair before Wortley punched the woman in the face so  hard it split the woman's lip and she was taken to hospital to get stitches.  

On June 6, when police spoke to the defendant in relation to another matter, she admitted she had gotten into a drunken fight and the hit victim once but said she understood it was the wrong thing to do.

Wortley pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of contravening a direction or requirement of police.

On August 1, police located Wortley and transported her to Roma police station where she admitted she forgot to report to police.

Magistrate Saggers warned Wortley that if she continues to throw punches, the result could be a lot worse in the future.

"The way you went about it, is not the way to go - it didn't need to come to that," he said.  

"You punched her in the mouth, you split her lip and she had to go hospital and get stitches, that's a very serious thing to do, all you had to say was 'leave the party'.  

"You have a history of acting violently."  

The magistrate sternly told Wortley she must not consume alcohol while pregnant.  

"No drinking now, certainly while you're pregnant and then you'll have the care of two little ones soon," he said.   For the bodily harm charge,

Wortley was released under the supervision of corrective services for 12-months and the conviction was recorded.  

For the charge of contravening a direction order, the magistrate handed Wortley a $250 fine and the conviction was recorded.  

THE below have yet to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty in court and their matters are still ongoing. 

They have not been found guilty or not guilty at this point in time. 

KEITH Kemp, 69, is charged with one count of allegedly making child exploitation material, three counts of possessing child exploitation material and one count of unlawful stalking.  

Kemp was in custody in relation to the charges from September 16, 2019 until May this year.

He was then granted bail on the conditions that he will not have access to the internet other than for the purposes of emailing, banking and legal proceedings.  

His lawyer told the court, his client wished to adjourn the matter until the next hearing on September 29 because he had just received the brief of evidence and will indicate whether he will plead guilty or not guilty by that time.  

He requested Magistrate Saggers to consider varying his current bail application to allow him to move to a caravan park in NSW.  

However, sgt Whiting firmly told the court the prosecution oppose the application for several reasons.  

"In relation to the address, the prosecution would submit it's not appropriate accommodation when you consider the charges," Sgt Whiting said.  

"There's not a lot of information which is the theme of our submission, it didn't say how long or whether he will be permanently in the caravan park and there's no information as to who's physically residing with him.  

"There's a lot of questions but the main thing prosecution would submit is that it's not appropriate accommodation given the circumstances."  

Magistrate Saggers adjourned the matter until September 29 for a committal mention, the man's bail was enlarged and his application to vary his bail was refused.  

  • Ashney, Genevieve Ellen - Adjourned
  • Bangash, Hamza Ullah Khan - Adjourned 
  • Blake, Joedyn James - Adjourned 
  • Cooper, Johnny Ronald- Adjourned 
  • Crawford, Kayla Maree Frances, Miss - Adjourned 
  • Daly, Luke John - Adjourned 
  • Fraser, Layla- Adjourned 
  • James, Kyle Richard John - Matter transferred
  • Justrandy, Bruce Alan Paterson - Adjourned
  • Klung, Benjamin Steve - Adjourned
  • Lake, Myanna Rose- Adjourned 
  • Lawson, Suzana Ann - Adjourned 
  • Malo, Pheme B, Miss - Adjourned 
  • Mitchell, Mervyn John, Mr - Adjourned
  • Nicholson, Christopher Robert - Adjourned
  • Patch, Thomas Jeffery, Mr - Adjourned
  • Penrose, Benjamin Ross, Mr - Adjourned
  • Ryan, Kaleb Jamie, Mr - Adjourned
  • Samuels, Nakayla Ellen - Adjourned
  • Saunders, Ben Wylie - Adjourned 
  • Senescall, Samantha Elizabeth- Adjourned
  • Storch, Albert Leslie - Adjourned
  • Walsh, Aaron Scott - Adjourned
  • Welk, Jonathon Thomas - Adjourned
  • Weribone, Gordon Albert - Adjourned
  • Weribone, Yasmine Terri - Adjourned
  • Young, Ryan James - Adjourned 

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