UPDATE: IT was the marriage proposal that had social media talking.

Scrawled in the sand in front of the esplanade at Bargara yesterday morning were the words "Marry me?"

A bit of fun or the real deal, no one could be sure but a Facebook plea from the NewsMail for the couple to come forward worked and Michael Grigg revealed how he got girlfriend Madison Williams to say yes.

Michael said the proposal was spontaneous but marriage to Madison was not.

"Yesterday out of the blue I decided to go and buy the ring," he said.

"I saw it and I knew it was the one."


Surprise proposal
Surprise proposal

Michael then organised for friends Bradley Barnes and Shelby Hadlow-Rutter to write a message in the sand and video as the proposal unfolded on sunset.

Michael said he was very nervous on the drive to Bargara, prompting questions from Madison.

"I've been doing security for six years where's it's been like life or death sometimes and that was nothing compared to yesterday afternoon," he said.

"She was asking what was wrong with me on the drive."

"I knew something was up," Madison said.

The next morning, fate intervened when the tide failed to wash away the inscription and it was captured by a passer-by.

The couple, who has been together for 18 months, said it was love at first sight after a chance meeting at the Central Hotel.


Surprise proposal
Surprise proposal

Michael, 25, was working security at the hotel when Madison, 19, ran into him. She looked up, got scared about being thrown out and ran off, but not before banging her leg and receiving first aid on her bloodied knee from Michael.

They soon found each other on Facebook and have been inseparable since.

Madison said Michael had always been romantic.

"I've made more of an effort [romantically] since meeting Madison and I know she appreciates it," he said.

Madison, too, likes to show Michael she cares.

"I'll buy him a packet of peanut M&Ms if he's having a bad day," she said.

The two also have many shared passions, including camping, tattoos and heavy-metal music.

Michael's tip for wedded bliss is simple.

"Stop worrying about what the other person is doing for you, and worry about what you're doing for them," he said.

The couple has been living together for six months and plans to have an engagement party in the not too distant future.


Michael Grigg and Madison Williams
Michael Grigg and Madison Williams Mike Knott


EARLY-morning walkers at Bargara were left smiling this morning after a romantic gesture was left for all to see.

Scrawled in the sand in front of the esplanade were the words "Marry me?"

No name, no reply, just the two words a girl, or a guy, waits to hear whispered in their ear.

Perhaps it was a hoax, but our love-stuck hearts hope it wasn't.

The NewsMail would like to track down the hopefully elated couple, so if it's you, or you know who it is, email hayley.nissen@apn.com.au

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