'Struggle to eat': Mum's warning as disease hits family

HAND foot and mouth disease spread through Sherry Wooler's Calliope family faster than she could manage.

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All three of her children, aged 9, 4 and 18 months, have been infected in the past week.

The Calliope mum said she has used bonjela cream and calamine lotion to ease the pain of the cold sores, blisters and "spots" that have covered her children.

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"My son who was the first one to get it is nearly better but the other two are still pretty bad," Ms Wooler said.

This week the Calliope State School notified parents in its newsletter of  the confirmed cases of the disease.

Ms Wooler said her son had stayed home from school since they found out.

But that wasn't enough to keep it from her two daughters too.

"I just want other parents to be on the lookout," she said.

"It's hard because the rash doesn't show up until four to six days after they catch it.

"Usually we're quite vigilant about hygiene too." 

Ms Wooler said her children had never been so sick.

While her son is almost cured, she said her daughters are still suffering from the spots.

"They started off just small ones but once they blister they turn into a decent size," she said.

"I know my son did find it hard to walk on the patio because its pebbled … but the hardest thing is when they get (the blisters) in their mouth because they struggled to eat."

The Calliope Community Kindergarten has also had two confirmed cases of the infection.

On The Observer's Facebook page other parents have shared their experiences with HFMD.

"My two year old just got over this and he doesn't even go to school nor has he been near anyone with it," Latesha Perkins said.

Rebecca Jenkins said, "You don't have to be anywhere near it. All it takes is for a child to touch a trolley, handrail etc. it's highly contagious amongst kids and I'm pretty sure it's contagious before they show the signs of it".

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