Generic photographs of cannabis plants / marijuana / dope / weed / drugs / addiction / abuse.
Generic photographs of cannabis plants / marijuana / dope / weed / drugs / addiction / abuse.

Mum's last opportunity to sort out probation woes

A mother-of-three with an abysmal record of not attending rehab programs has found herself before the court again, and the Magistrate warned her it's her last opportunity to sort these things out.

Amy Louise Ciranni breached a previous probation order when she was found with drug utensils at around 2.15pm on January 9.

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Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the Roma Magistrates Court on February 3, that Ciranni told the cops she used the utensils to smoke marijuana.

"During a search of the defendants bedroom, police located a homemade water pipe, a set of scales, and a silver metal bowl," sergeant Whiting said, as well as a grinder.

She then didn't give her identifying particulars to police when she was required to.

"She advised police that she completely forgot that she had to," sergeant Whiting said.

Solicitor Leslee Reed said Ciranni made full admissions to police and admits the utensils were hers.

Probation and parole officer Carly Hicks told the court Ciranni had previously breached her probation orders.

"We gave her every opportunity and tried to engage her in services that were available to her while she's on probation," Ms Hicks said.

Magistrate Peter Saggers said the rehab services didn't want her back.

"The most sensible order is a probation order, but you don't seem to be prepared to do it," Magistrate Saggers said.

"If you're not going to do it, it's pointless."

Mrs Hicks told Ciranni she needed to be committed to what Magistrate Saggers told her to do.

Mrs Hicks submitted that if a probation order was made again, that a drug test condition would be added.

Ciranni pledged to the court she would be prepared to do a probation order and attend services like Drug Arm if they would help her.

"I would be prepared to give it a try if it would help me," Ciranni said.

"I'm making some changes this year. I've got a bit of support, I've got child safety working with me at the moment.

"Some of the things I've been unable to get to, but yep..."

Magistrate Saggers reminded her these programs are in place to help her.

"I don't know why you can't go and do this," he said.

"Its to improve you, to make you a better person, a better mother.

"It'll be your last opportunity to try and sort these things out."

Ciranni pleaded guilty to possessing a utensil and got two years probation.

She also pleaded guilty to contravening a direction or requirement from police and was convicted and not further punished for this offence.

Ciranni was re-sentenced for two years for her breach of probation.

Convictions were recorded for all of the offences.


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