Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett.
Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett. TAHLIA STEHBENS

MP slams 'radical' gender resource for schools

A RESOURCE which claims to breakdown the "complicated" gender concept has been labelled by a Bundaberg MP as "radical".

Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett recently penned a Letter to the Editor about the Genderbread Person program, which he said taught students about the "infinite" possibilities of their gender.

Mr Bennett said while information wasn't available on whether Bundaberg schools were using the resource, he was "shocked" to learn it had already been implemented in other schools around the state.

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Currently, a school near Brisbane has used the resource as part of its health studies curriculum, as reported in The Courier Mail.

"Like most parents, I believe education should focus on giving our kids the best start to life and incorporate core subjects such as English, Maths and Science," Mr Bennett said.

"Sadly, the Palaszczuk Government believes public schools should be used to brainwash children with disturbing ideas about sexuality and gender identity."


The Genderbread Person.
The Genderbread Person.

The resource, which features a gingerbread figure as a mascot, teaches students about current theories of gender as not just divided into "man" and "woman" but having several variations.

It also teaches the difference between biological sex and gender identity.

Mr Bennett said the controversial program, banned in NSW, taught children that their instincts were almost always wrong and that "gender identity" could change dozens of times a day.

"It even goes as far as telling children that they are unusual if they aren't partly attracted to people of the same sex," he said.

"Yes, schools should embrace and accept every child for who they are, but this brainwashing just isn't right."

A Queensland Department of Education spokesperson said the department did not "mandate" or "endorse" the delivery of specific programs regarding gender identity.

The spokesperson said principals, in consultation with the school community, made those decisions.

"The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring schools are supportive and inclusive learning environments for all students, regardless of their gender, race, ability, appearance or sexual identity," the spokesperson said.

"Every day Queensland state schools respond to the individual needs of their students by creating supportive environments to ensure students can access a quality education.

"While the Queensland Government does not mandate or endorse the delivery of individual programs or the use of particular resources, all Queensland state schools are required to provide health and well-being education either as part of the delivery of the Australian Curriculum or as part of the school's pastoral care program."

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