More to the game than just money

Staying put ... Lachlan Coote in action for the Cowboys. Photo: AAP Image.
Staying put ... Lachlan Coote in action for the Cowboys. Photo: AAP Image.

DURING his NRL career Shane Webcke played 254 games for one club, the Broncos.

For many of his 11 seasons he was rated the best prop in the game, and accordingly played 25 Tests and 21 Origins.

But despite stories of big-money offers from other clubs, the truth is no other club ever propositioned him.

Webcke was simply happy to be happy, and he accepted what the club thought was a fair deal. And every season he was paid more.

Being loyal, enjoying himself and playing in a successful team fulfilled his appetite.

And in recent weeks it appears the message might finally be getting through to others - it's not always about the money.

Unfortunately not everything we read these days can be taken as gospel truth, but word during the week that Lachlan Coote is prepared to accept unders to stay at the Cowboys is heartening.

Despite being a prodigious young talent, Coote never really found his feet until he joined the Cowboys three seasons ago. Now he is regarded as one of the better fullbacks in the game, playing for one of the most successful teams.

Every time he trains, he trains alongside some of the elite of his sport. Every time he plays his team is usually the red-hot favourite. And every time the Cowboys return to Townsville they are welcomed as heroes.

Money might buy a big house, a flash car and an overseas holiday, but it can't buy the career fulfilment Coote has found in North Queensland. And obviously he now comprehends that.

Kodi Nikorima at the Broncos appears to be on the same wavelength. Off contract at the end of the year, he looks set to re-sign despite playing from the bench for two years.

At 22 his attitude is that he could not learn the intricacies of the game in a better team or in a more professional environment. The fact that his younger brother is struggling in Sydney after being thrown to the wolves may also be a red light.

Sure sport is big business, and these young men have limited time to ply their trade. But should it always be about money?

After all, what is life without a fulfilling lifestyle? And money can't always buy that.

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