YOUR SAY: Mobile changes catch consumers out of pocket

CHANGES: This letter writer wonders if others have had a similar issue with their telco provider.
CHANGES: This letter writer wonders if others have had a similar issue with their telco provider. Peter Holt

I HAVE a Telstra package that includes internet access and free local and STD calls on my home phone.

Therefore I only use my mobile phone when I am away from home. I have a two-year contract with Telstra for my mobile which costs $20 per month and expires in November next year.

Imagine my surprise to find that I had been charged $30 this month. When I phoned Telstra, the young man was very helpful and explained all my options.

Evidently I was supposed to receive a letter explaining that Telstra was raising the fee and to offset this, Telstra was offering increased benefits including STD calls (none of which I would use).

I had received no such letter. I pointed out that Telstra had breached their contract.

He said that I could terminate the contract and they wouldn't charge the termination fee of $80.

I could then sign a new contract but the cheapest was $35. I said I felt that Telstra should be paying me the termination fee since they breached the contract.

After I had voiced my displeasure in no uncertain terms, he eventually agreed to a compromise which will still leave a deficit of $40 this year.

My concern is that Telstra can breach their contract at will, but the consumers have to pay a termination fee if they decide to terminate. Has this happened to other people?

MAXINE HOOD, Centenary Hts

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