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Mason Lee death: Teen 'petrified' of jail bashing

THE teenager accused of failing to care for dying toddler Mason Lee has pleaded to be released, saying he is 'petrified of going to jail' because people want to assault him there.

Ryan Robert Barry Hodson, 17, a dole recipient, was living with Lee's stepfather Andrew William O'Sullivan for the three weeks before Mason's death late on the night of June 10.

Has admitted to being at the home in an affidavit he prepared for his bail application, to be heard in the Supreme Court today.

Mason's lifeless body was covered in faeces and vomit when ambulance officers were called to O'Sullivan's Caboolture home just after midnight on June 11.

Prosecutors allege Hodson sent Mason's mother Anne-Maree pictures of her son lying in vomit the day before he died.

According to his affidavit, Hodson claims he was at the home until 9.30pm but he claims he could not help the dying boy because he "knew nothing of rearing children'', the Courier-Mail reported.

Hodson says he will defend the charge of manslaughter, claiming Mason "was never put in my charge while I was at the O'Sullivan's residence".

Caboolture Magistrates Court was told that Hodson refused on multiple occasions to get Mason medical help when asked.

He allegedly told one person who said the toddler needed to see a doctor to "f--- your mouth up. It's not our business; it's not our problem."

The court heard Hodson was captured on CCTV verbally abusing the child on three occasions.

On separate occasions Hodson told Mason "you walk like a spastic; hurry up and grab your f---ing bottle" and "shut up c--- or I'm going to hit you in the head".

Hodson has pleaded to be released from Wacol to his parents home in Morayfield.

"I am informed and verily believe that there have been Facebook messages that people are waiting to assault me in jail."

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