ACTOR Evangeline Lilly didn't hold back when discussing the common complaints of her male Marvel colleagues in an interview to promote Ant-Man And The Wasp.

The star plays The Wasp in the upcoming Ant-Man sequel, and said she came to the role aware that just about every male movie superhero has moaned about the tight, restrictive outfits they have to wear on film.

"I have been hearing Marvel male superheroes complain about their suits for years. And I got into my suit and I was wearing it, working in it, doing my thing, and I was like, '[It's] just not that bad,'" she said.

"Do I have the most comfortable suit in the MCU? Or …" - and at this point Lilly hoisted her high heeled foot up to head height - "have men not had the life experience of being uncomfortable for the sake of looking good?"

"They're just like, 'What is this? This sucks. Why are we … why? Why do I have to go through this?" a clearly passionate Lilly continued.

"Whereas a woman's like, 'I don't know. This is like normal. I wear heels to work. I'm uncomfortable all day. You get used to it. You tune it out.'"

Lilly's candid - and gymnastic - display earned her a gasp of admiration from her interviewer, who appeared momentarily lost for words before offering: "I love you."

And Lilly's not wrong. Pretty much every male star who's donned a superhero suit on camera has moaned about how uncomfortable was: Chris Evans said his Captain America attire was "uncomfortable" - as did Henry Cavill about his Superman wardrobe.

Tom Holland has said his Spider-Man suit was "not the greatest thing" and most recently Chadwick Boseman lamented how "blazing hot" it got in his Black Panther outfit.

Lilly's impassioned speech has been shared far and wide online, with fans applauding her outspokenness:



Lilly appeared in the first Ant-Man film back in 2015, but this time around she's making history as the first female superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be named in a film's title.

She said the original plan was to introduce the Wasp's origin story in Marvel's 2016 release Captain America: Civil War along with Ant-Man and the other Avengers.

"I got a call saying, 'We've decided not to put you in Civil War,' and there was this moment, I could tell, where the feeling in the room was like, 'I'm sorry - don't be offended,'" she told AFP.

"I was like, 'Are they going to give me a movie? Is that what they're saying?' And they said, 'We really want to dedicate a film to introducing this female superhero and we don't want her just to be a side note."

Lilly is not the first female star to suggest donning superhero suits isn't the torturous experience their male co-stars claim. Gwyneth Paltrow said the same thing after her first time suiting up for Iron Man 3.

"Women are so much stronger than men … I was like, 'What are they complaining about? It's not as comfortable as yoga pants, but it's a costume!'"

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