Marvel's Luke Cage S1E12: Soliloquy of Chaos

THE most powerful members in Harlem are those behind whom the community rallies.

In the beginning it was Cottonmouth, that mantle was taken by both Mariah Dillard and Diamondback, and now they appear to back Luke Cage.

Cage, who is still on the run, inexplicably stops a hold-up in progress, and in doing so saves real-life rapper Method Man and another person in the store.

They spread the story of their experience which snowballs into a wave of community support for the reluctant hero.

He remains on the run but still manages to utilise his connections.

Misty Knight secures a major break in her pursuit to clear Cage's name as Candace cracks.

Candace was the major reason why Cage was implicated in Cottonmouth's murder, but after the Power Man saved her life in the club she has a change of heart.

Mariah Dillard meanwhile is caught up with Diamondback, and with Shades Alvarez, who Willis Stryker tried to have killed, plots a way for the pair to be dealt with.

It, of course, is for the half-brothers to take each other out, and Shades has the perfect payoff: Carl Lucas' records and the piece of evidence he needs to clear his name.

Domingo, who had been a regular feature alongside Cottonmouth and Diamondback's operations, tries to take on Stryker face-to-face.

The ex-convict has a plan up his sleeve however, and Domingo's warning that Diamondback is something that even Cage can't stop was a great way to set up the season finale.

To have Diamondback, in one of his classic costumes, interrupt a truce between Shades, Mariah, Cage and Misty Knight is even better.

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