Marvel's Luke Cage S1E11: Now You're Mine

LUKE Cage trapped with Misty Knight, Claire Temple held hostage - Diamondback is in full control of our protagonists as the season nears its end.

Cage and Misty survived the firefight only to find themselves trapped beneath the club, though Misty was seriously injured when she went face-to-face with Willis Stryker.

Cage is not a doctor, but knows enough to keep Misty alive.

Dumb guard syndrome strikes the series as Temple persuades a fellow hostage to fool a guard.

It's the perfect exhibition of Temple's smarts as she not only secures passage out of the area, but utilises her combat skills to dispose of the guard.

Again it is Erik LaRay Harvey who is responsible for the show-stealing sequence when his monologue, spoken directly to hostage and councilman Damon Boone (Clark Jackson) but broadcast over the speakers for Cage to hear every second.

LaRay is a powerful speaker, he looks intimidating and has a fearful demeanour that reinforces why he is the perfect casting choice for Diamondback.

Cage ends the episode in just that - a cage - after he surrenders despite being an innocent man.

It places Knight's superiors in a grey area in regards to their allegiance: the police continue to pursue Cage as public enemy number one despite Knight's assertions the Power Man is friend, not foe.

Diamondback, the most powerful man this side of Hell's Kitchen, escapes untouched again, Shades Alvarez meets his match in the form of a Temple-Knight tag team and Cage continues his quest to bring down his half-brother.

It is simmering towards an all-out battle between Diamondback, equipped with a device that can match Cage's strength, and the Power Man.

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