Craig Brown was fined $500 in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Monday.
Craig Brown was fined $500 in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Monday.

Man slapped in Facebook Marketplace rage attack

After receiving a call to say the items had been sold, a furious man drove to a seller's house, attacked him and told him 'you're lucky that's all you got', a court heard.

Craig Leslie Brown, 53, became enraged when he heard the stepladders he was on the way to buy had already been sold to someone else.

Police prosecutor Lee Allan told Maroochydore Magistrates Court the victim put up a Facebook marketplace advertisement for two step ladders on August 30.

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"The victim received a message from the defendant stating he wished to buy the ladders and could he hold onto them for him," he said.

The court heard the victim replied that he wouldn't reserve them.

"The victim has then rung the defendant to let him know the ladders had been sold," Senior Constable Allan said.

"The victim stated the defendant replied with words to the effect of 'are you f------ serious? I'll be there in five minutes'."

The court heard Brown arrived at the victim's home and went to the door with his hands clenched by his side and carrying a mouthguard.

"The defendant stated to the victim 'someone better have my ladders or you'll be paying $20 for fuel'," Sen-Const Allan said.

The court heard Brown then put in the mouthguard.

The victim tried to calm Brown down, saying he had already sold the ladders to someone else.

"As the victim said this, the defendant raised his left hand and used an open palm, slapping the victim across his right cheek," Sen-Const Allan said.

"After the defendant assaulted the victim, he said 'you're lucky that's all you got'."

The court heard Brown also told the victim he should have had some common sense.

The victim had a 2cm cut to his right cheek and required medical treatment from the slap.

The court heard the victim's wife and young children witnessed the assault.

"I find this behaviour quite abhorrent to be perfectly honest," Sen-Const Allan said.

Brown pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Monday to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Duty lawyer Michael Robinson told the court Brown said there were two other men at the door with the victim and they allegedly had a threatening demeanour.

"He was upset having travelled some distance to pick up these ladders," he said.

"There was no intention to cause any injury."

The court heard Brown was a father-of-two and was a builder.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin described the behaviour as "monumentally stupid".

"You behaved like a teenage boy who's been upset by someone," he said.

"It's thoroughly despicable behaviour.

"The community will not tolerate thugs going around attacking other people in their front yard because you didn't like the fact he sold his property."

Mr McLaughlin said it would have been humiliating for the victim to be assaulted in front of his wife and children.

"And you had the cheek after you struck him to say that he should use common sense in the future," he said.

"It's unbelievable the lack of your common sense."

Mr McLaughlin fined him $500 and ordered him to pay $500 in compensation to the victim.

A conviction was recorded.

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