Here's why 12 kids won't see their dad until early next year

HIS 17th conviction of driving while disqualified saw Isaiah Illingsworth leave his partner and toddler in Ipswich Magistrates Court as he was taken away in custody yesterday.

Illingsworth was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to two counts of disqualified driving and one of assaulting or obstructing a police officer.

The court heard Illingsworth was on parole at the time of the offending.

The father of 12 had faced court on a prior 15 charges of driving while disqualified but Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said probation, a suspended prison sentence, parole and fines had served as no deterrent.

"I wonder how much more can possible be done (as) at the end of the day Mr Illingsworth has got to make the decision himself not to drive," she said.

Ms Sturgess told defence lawyer Andrew Wiseman he had not convinced her to let his client leave the court room with him.

"You've done the best job you can, it's not your fault your client has put himself in this position," she said.

She told Illingsworth he had previously been sentenced leniently for his traffic offending.

"You just don't seem to be able to stop yourself from driving because at the end of the day you just continue to offend," she said.

"It's an extensive history of disqualified driving, it's your traffic history that has put you into difficulty.

"You really do yourself no favours.

"(Previous sentences) were no disincentive to you, you have shown complete disregard for the requirements of disqualification."

Illingsworth will be eligible for parole after serving five months and was disqualified from holding or obtaining a drivers licence for three years.

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