Man jailed for assault on ex-partner days after release


A MAN who broke into his ex-partner's house and viciously assaulted her just two weeks after being released from prison for the same offence is back behind bars.

Alfred Maynard William Kyle, 33, ripped the fly screen off the woman's unit window in November 2017, leapt inside and began assaulting and choking her in bed, threatening to kill her as she curled into a ball to protect herself.

The Cairns District Court heard on Friday she managed to get away and run outside, but he chased her and punched her in the head outside the neighbour's front gate as she tried to seek help.

The court was told it happened just two weeks after he was released from prison after serving two years for attacking her.

"Obviously you've got a serious problem with controlling your temper in a domestic setting that you need to address if you're not going to spend the rest of your life in jail," Judge Deborah Richards said.

"The general community needs to know if you do this sort of thing in a domestic setting, that jail is the answer.

"There are going to be conflicts in every relationship and you have to learn how to deal with that conflict without your fists."

She jailed him for three years with a parole release date of March 21 next year after he pleaded guilty to burglary with violence, assault occasioning bodily harm, choking, common assault and property and drug offences.

Defence barrister Rochelle Logan told the court the father-of-five, who has a 10-page criminal history with offences dating back to 2004, had been addicted to methylamphetamines and had "drug difficulties his entire life".

The court heard he was only arrested for burglary and assault after he was charged in Innisfail for drug matters. Ms Logan said he moved to Innisfail shortly after the attack and was unaware he was wanted for the assault.

"He wasn't on the run," she said. She told the court he was now in a different relationship and no longer taking drugs. "Finally for the first time in his life he is excited about the future," she said.

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