Man directs own child pornography movies over Skype

A NEW Zealand man has been jailed for five years for requesting "degrading and revolting" acts on young children in the Philippines via Skype for sexual gratification.

From a Brisbane home he shared with two others, Kyle Joseph Peter Dawson paid money to a woman in the Philippines to watch and engage in child abuse through instruction using a webcam.

He recorded the live acts to watch at a later date.

Dawson also possessed 16,470 images and videos of babies and toddlers up to teenage children, ranging from nudity to sexual acts.

Judge Helen Bowskill labelled the behaviour reprehensible and appalling, saying words could not properly convey the deplorable nature of the images.

"It is completely abhorrent, reprehensible conduct on your part to have any involvement in this industry but what is particularly troubling in your case ... is not only that you involved yourself in passive viewing of these images, you became actively involved in directing what these innocent vulnerable children were forced to do," he said.

Dawson, 42, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court on Thursday to procuring children to engage in sexual activity outside Australia, possessing child pornography and using a carriage service to access and make available child pornography material.

Commonwealth prosecutor Aimee Sanderson told the court Dawson would likely have continued his offending if Australian Federal Police had not caught him using a peer-to-peer child pornography site.

She said Dawson confessed he had paid about $60 per view to watch a woman perform sexual acts with children including girls aged about six, 10 and 12, and a boy aged about eight.

Ms Sanderson said Dawson admitted he was a pervert but asserted he liked adult pornography as well.

She said Philippines police arrested the woman, who was pregnant, for aiding and abetting and rescued three children.

Defence barrister James Godbolt told the court his client had an addiction to child pornography.

He said Dawson had not been diagnosed as a pedophile and was "distressed by his own conduct".

The court heard Dawson was watching pornography for three to five hours a day for about four years.

He sought out more extreme options as he became desensitised.

Judge Bowskill said she had seen photo stills from the webcam interactions.

"It defies belief that in a civilised society, this kind of thing can be allowed to happen," she said.

"Those children look bereft and desperately devastated.

"You're sitting there using Skype and actively directing them while you're watching them.

"Even though you weren't in the room and you didn't touch them, you're the person making a market for it and making it happen."

Dawson has a two-year non-parole period.

The court heard he would likely be deported on release and he was planning to live with his sister in Christchurch. - ARM NEWSDESK

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