SUPER MUM: Amy Banson with daughter Elsie-Rose.
SUPER MUM: Amy Banson with daughter Elsie-Rose. Tani du Toit

Make mum’s day without breaking the bank

CHILDREN across the Sunshine Coast, if you have woken up this morning with nothing on the calendar for Sunday, you are in serious trouble.

It's mum's biggest day of the year and even though some might pretend it's not important, it really, really is.

Hallmark cards aside, it is the one day of the year you get to pay tribute to the woman who sacrificed her waistline, her career, her budget and her carefree existence just for you.

The good news is you don't need to quickly get an overdraft on your mortgage to find that costly gift mum will love.

Just ask Eerwah Vale mum Amy Banson. While she has four children in the home aged between one and 15, this will be the first Mother's Day she is expecting a little something out of the ordinary.

Ms Banson is a foster carer to a 15-year-old son, Barney, and has three other children, Elsie-Rose, 5, Anastacia, 3, and Gabriel, 1, through a sperm donor.

Until now, her family hasn't mad a "big deal" of celebrating special events like Mother's Day, Christmas and Easter.

But with daughter Elsie-Rose in kindy this year, she has been getting a whole lot of lovely surprises.

"She brought home a little necklace she made for me," Ms Banson said.

"And at the centre they had a celebration for us where we had a back massage.

"It is the first time I've enjoyed the celebration of Mother's Day. She understands it now and has been telling her little sister."

The team at the Sunshine Coast Daily has spent all week scouring for the best Mother's Day presents even a skinflint can afford.

Yes, all of our ideas come in under $5. And if you do them properly we are pretty sure mum will love them and be impressed.


Clean something. Unless your mum is Mary Poppins, she probably doesn't like cleaning any more than you do. And it doesn't matter if it's her car, the gutters, the toilets or even her tarnished jewellery, you will brighten up her day and show you care by having taking the time and effort to do this chore.

Get creative. Bake a cake, make some mini-sandwiches, boil a pot of your mum's favourite tea and enjoy afternoon tea at home. This is a lot more affordable than a fancy high tea and will ensure your mum gets her favourite sweets and treats on her special day.

Do something special. Watch the sunrise, climb a mountain, go sit by the beach or have a picnic in the park. The Sunshine Coast boasts some of the most beautiful natural surrounds in the world so why not make the most of this free gift and spend some quality time relaxing with your mum in the great outdoors.

Practical gift cards. A gift card for her favourite café, a car wash, her hair salon or the local grocery store is thoughtful, will help make mum's life easier and ensure the voucher doesn't go to waste.

Brighten up the home. Save money and support charity by sourcing quirky pots and vases from local secondhand shops. For a Mother's Day present that will last a lot longer than a bunch of roses, use your pots to create a succulent garden or plant her favourite herbs or flowers.

Peace and quiet: How many times has your mum said "all I want is some peace and quiet"? Well how about ensuring she gets it for just one day.

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