MAFS star spills on rumour his wife and dad hooked up


This season of Married At First Sight has already featured multiple cheating scandals, a poo toothbrush scandal and the first couple to be kicked off the show - but the most wild rumour about the show has only just emerged.

According to this week's edition of New Idea, Mikey Pembroke, 28, has been left reeling after discovering Natasha Spencer, 26 - whom he was "married" to on the show before their exit last night - had sex with his dad after filming ended.

The couple chose to leave the experiment during last night’s commitment ceremony. Picture: Channel 9
The couple chose to leave the experiment during last night’s commitment ceremony. Picture: Channel 9

The Sydney-based operations manager addressed the bonkers story on Nova's Fitzy and Wippa show this morning, admitting the story had come up during filming of the reunion episode in January but denying that it was true.

"It's not true - it's ridiculous," he told the hosts, claiming that the headline was generated by MAFS love rivals-turned-friends Natasha and Stacey Hampton.

"Stacey and Natasha, now they're best friends, but they weren't friends during the show. This is peak season for throwing people under the bus, and obviously they've come together and it looks like they've come up with this story."

Mikey explained that his dad, who is a doctor, was furious about being dragged into the scandals surrounding the controversial show.

"I know for 100 per cent certainty that he would never and has never slept with Natasha or texted her or done anything like that," he said.

"He's not happy about it, he's like, 'Why am I getting thrown into this stuff?' He didn't want me to go on the show on the first place. He'd never do something like that (sleep with Natasha), it's so far-fetched - they'd never even caught up outside the show."




During the interview, Mikey explained that the accusation had been hurled at Natasha by Stacey during the reunion, although he admitted he didn't know if the conversation would make it into the final edit.

"At the reunion, Stacey and Natasha go nuts about that something that happens, and then Stacey goes, 'Well, you slept with Mikey's dad' - and then turns around and says I told her that," he said.

"There's a few stories around about Natasha and stuff, so I don't know if it's come from that - the only time (Dad) would have socialised with Natasha is on the show, when you meet with the parents and have a one-on-one."


Mikey and Natasha at their ‘wedding’.
Mikey and Natasha at their ‘wedding’.

The latest scandalous headlines come after a he-said, she-said battle erupted last week between Mikey and Stacey - who was matched with Michael Goonan on the show - over reports they had a secret liaison.

"I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after Natasha and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and Natasha knew we weren't together," Mikey told

"I actually didn't want this (story) out as it's not the best way to end my time on the show, but it did happen."

Mikey's comments follow a statement given by Stacey to Woman's Day last Monday, in which she flatly denied anything had happened between them after they published leaked texts between the pair hinting at a secret relationship.


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