Lucas First day of school March 2015
Lucas First day of school March 2015

Lucas - my beautiful boy who happens to have down syndrome

I DISCOVERED a world I never knew existed when I had Lucas.

Lucas was born on July 10, 2010 - a day that changed our lives for ever.

Lucas was born Lucas first of all. He just happens to have an extra chromosome, called T21, which means he has down syndrome.

Saturday was World Down Syndrome Day. It is celebrated on the 21st day of the third month each year, symbolising that extra gorgeous gene.

Lucas was healthy at birth. We didn't know he had down syndrome until the day after he was born, when Dr Gilmore came in and checked him. I remember that day like it was yesterday. He patted my shoulder and told me Lucas had down syndrome and that I could cry if I wanted too!

My response was: "Why would I want to cry? He is my child, I will love him regardless!".

He told me I was a strong woman as most woman would cry!


The next few months came and went. In that time we went to The Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane for heart scans and, at four months of age, Lucas had an atrioventricular septal defect repaired and three holes in his heart fixed. Dr Graham Nunn was his specialist and developed the technique!

Today I am so grateful to Dr Nunn for saving my little boy's life.

Lucas just started at Wilson Park Public School and is doing a pre-kindy program. Every day he has so much joy at that school.

I want parents out there to look beyond the diagnosis and see what our AMAZING Kids can achieve!

Lucas tries so hard at everything and he has taught me so much love and patience that I needed to see.

He is my husband (Brett) and my only child together. Lucas has eight older brothers and sisters and is an Uncle to his Niece Isabella.

Please don't terminate on a diagnosis.

Spend some time with us and you will see, everything is okay.

I would love to be a support person for parents who receive the news in hospital and would love to keep in contact and let them know they have support on this journey and that we have a local Down Syndrome Support group.

Lucas will be five in July and I look forward to learning and growing with my gorgeous boy.

If you would like more information on parenting a child with down syndrome or down syndrome support services on the Northern Rivers, phone 0422 032 601.

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