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Louis Tomlinson celebrated his son's first birthday

LOUIS Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth reunited to celebrate their son Freddie's first birthday on Saturday.

The pair - who had an acrimonious custody battle over the tot last year - put their differences behind them at a small party for Freddie, and Briana shared a family video on Instagram.

The short clip shows Briana holding one of Freddie's two birthday cakes while Louis, 25, holds on to their son and she captioned the video "Special first birthday."

Louis tweeted: "Had a special day today with my birthday boy. Thanks for all the lovely messages! (sic)."

Briana's mother Tammi also took to Instagram to share a picture of herself with Freddie and she paid a special tribute to Louis' mother Johannah Deakin, who passed away in December following a secret battle with leukaemia.

She wrote: "Lovely day with my gorgeous grandson, Happy Birthday Freddie! We all love you so much! You have such a beautiful spirit just like your grandma Jay, missing her so much. She is your angel now watching your every step, guiding you, and in our hearts today on your special day and always (sic)."

Briana's brother Austin Clark posted a short video with Freddie and wrote: "Happy birthday to the best nephew ever (sic)."

Louis recently admitted fatherhood has made him "more mature".

Speaking about his life now he is a parent, the One Direction singer said: "I don't think it's changed my writing very much. Writing in particular, it's not as if I'm writing songs about my son. I love him obviously. It's affected how I am as a person, a little bit. I'd like to say it's made me a bit more mature, I don't know if that's true."

And Louis admitted every moment he spends with his child is "precious" and totally absorbs him to the point he doesn't want to do anything other than be by his side.

He said: "With fans I'll always be super polite. But my time with my son is precious. So I am kind of reluctant to do anything other than spend all of my time with my son when I'm with Freddie. So, that's just the way it is. Sometimes it's irritating with paparazzi, but that's the job that I'm in. Sometimes I'll get a few stern words that you may hear on TMZ one day."

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