Senator Barry O'Sullivan
Senator Barry O'Sullivan

LNP Senator backs Hanson on Muslims

A QUEENSLAND Senator says migrants should be questioned about their religion to stop Muslims who want strict Sharia law coming into Australia.

LNP Senator Barry O'Sullivan, who lives in Toowoomba, said the Coalition would win back supporters from Pauline Hanson if it adopted a more hardline approach to immigration.

Mr O'Sullivan told the Courier-Mail that Pauline Hanson had capitalized on community anger about migration and his own side needed to respond.

The former LNP state treasurer said many "lifelong supporters" of the party voted for Ms Hanson and agreed with her views on migrants.

"Any responsible government has to listen to the heartbeat of the Australian population, listen to what their ideals are on issues like immigration and respond accordingly."

But he has rejected Ms Hanson's call for a ban on all Muslim immigrations, saying people should be assessed on their beliefs.

Should Muslim immigrants face screening?

This poll ended on 19 August 2016.

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Yes. We should not allow extremists


No. It's blatant discrimination


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Radical Muslims and members of right-wing Christian cults should be rejected, he said.

Mr O'Sullivan warned that the major parties, including his own government had "defaulted to political correctness".

Born in Central Queensland, Senator O'Sullivan was educated  at St Joseph's Wanda Convent and the Christina Brother College (now Cathedral College) at Rockhampton.

He worked as an office boy at The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin and The Longreach Leader newspapers before joining a road construction crew.

He later joined the Queensland Police Service working in Brisbane before serving with the Rockhampton Criminal Investigation Branch.

Now based in Toowoomba, he established Jilbridge (currently NewLands) a construction and development business (both civil and structural), which employs more than 100 staff.

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