LNP to ‘re-allocate’ regional job plan if elected

THE LNP will replace Labor's regional job scheme with its own multimillion-dollar youth unemployment plan to create 20,000 jobs, if elected.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said a government he led would target youth unemployment with cash for hiring apprentices and by subsidising the cost of their tools.

Mr Nicholls did not say how he would raise state revenue.

Under the Get Queensland Working plan the LNP would give an employer $5000 for hiring an apprentice who completed training.

"This boost will provide 10,000 new apprenticeships over four years and is part of our plan to arrest the decline in apprenticeship completions," Mr Nicholls said.

He said a government he led would give $500 to a tradie for tools when they completed their apprenticeship.

The LNP would also introduce a Job Start Incentive which would provide $4000 in instalments over 12 months to a business to employ an unemployed Queensland youth who was not studying. 

"The initiative will provide 10,000 jobs for young Queenslanders over four years and will importantly be paid on a pro-rata basis to encourage maximum completion and ensure strong program governance," Mr Nicholls said. 

The LNP scheme would be available to businesses with a turnover below $2 million.

In comparison, the government's Back to Work program has proposed to pay a regional Queensland business $10,000 for giving an unemployed person a job for at least a year, or $15,000 for hiring a long-term unemployed person for at least a year.

Labor claims the policy will create 8000 jobs outside south-east Queensland.

Mr Nicholls said the $100 million Back to Work program's funding would be re-allocated if the LNP was elected.

"Our plan will be supported by re-allocating funding provided for the Back to Work package and unnecessary bureaucracies that waste time and money and don't actually create real jobs," he said. 

Labor MP Craig Crawford said Mr Nicholls's plan was "bereft of any compassion for Queensland, particularly regional Queensland". - ARM NEWSDESK

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