UPDATE: #FAKETRADIE is in fact a real life fitter and turner, who drives a Holden ute and says all his mates have been poking fun at him after he appeared in a poorly produced commercial for the Liberal Party.

Every detail of Andrew McRae's appearance was picked over on social media yesterday as the hashtag #faketradie became the talking point of the news cycle.


However the DailyMail has now tracked down the man himself, who it turns out is a 50 year year-old resident of Lane Cove, on Sydney's affluent North Shore. 


Yesterday Unionists accused a Sydney voice-over actor - also named Andrew McRae - of starring in the commercial however that narrative quickly fell over when he took to Twitter saying it wasn't him. 

However, the Liberal Party's campaign headquarters continually refused to release the identity of the man in the commercial - thus arousing suspicion. 

The man himself - the real #faketradie - lives in a modest red brick house and his neighbour says he has no idea where he might own an investment property but it has been confirmed he is the owner of a company called Teamwork Maintenance and has been for the past 20 years. 

YESTERDAY: THE Liberal Party's latest campaign ad has set social media alight - for all the wrong reasons - as people query the legitimacy of a tradie featured criticising Labor's plans to abolish negative gearing.

The ad was released last night and was quick to become a point of mockery - with several "Fake Tradie" accounts quickly emerging on Twitter. 


Punters have also pointed out how poorly made the ad is - the "tradie" fumbles his first line, his microphone is showing through his immaculately clean shirt and the premise that the average Australian ctradesman is engaged in negatively gearing investment properties has been labelled unconvincing.

Despite this Liberal Party Head Office in Canberra is adamant #faketradie is in fact a real person.

 "We are very pleased that people are talking about this ad which highlights the risks of Bill Shorten's war on business," a spokeswoman said.



"The tradie is real, unlike Mr Shorten's claims about Medicare."

The spokeswoman was then asked, if the tradie is real, then who is he? - to which she responded by pointing out the name A. MacRae is displayed at the end of the ad. 



When asked what trade Mr MacRae is engaged in and where he resides the spokeswoman said the response above was the "Party line" at this stage and no further information would be forthcoming. 

A written request asking where Mr McRae lives, whiat trade he's involved in and whether or not he owns an investment property, has been sent to Liberal Party.

However it now appears Mr MacRae is not the man in the ad afterall - MacRae is in fact a voice over guy who works in Sydney but his vocals are only those at the end of the ad. 

And he has taken to Twitter to confirm the fact. 


Of course the question remains - who is #faketradie?

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