LETTERS: Who really runs the Queensland ALP?


Who Runs Qld ALP?

The headline "So Who Really Runs Things", CM 13/10/20 and article, states "Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been sensationally told by the state's most powerful union boss that she alone will not be the one handing out cabinet positions if Labor wins October 31st election" and Jackie Trad has stated that she will not be contending for a cabinet position CM 14/10/20.

So it appears that the ALP premier does not have total control over the running of Queensland, so can Queenslanders expect a new ALP premier after the old one is elected, due to the unions having control.

Could we actually see Jackie Trad taking over the leadership, like what happened with Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten?

I believe a vote for the QLD ALP is pointless, as it won't matter who you vote for.

The faceless men will put whoever they like in power and your vote will not be counted.

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton

A new wave of Queenslanders needing help is on the rise

For the first time since WWII, Queensland is facing an entirely new wave of people at risk of homelessness.

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have shifted the poverty line, striking down families who have, until now, considered themselves financially sound.

More than 234,000 Queenslanders have lost their jobs due to the crisis across the state. Unemployment is forecast to peak at a record nine per cent in the December quarter.

And Queensland is set to hold the highest rate of unemployment across the country.

While Federal Government funding packages ease and a moratorium on mortgage payments and residential rental eviction are no longer available in Queensland, the pressure on families and individuals facing hardship by loss of income has never been more extensive.

As Queenslanders, the level of community camaraderie and support is stronger than ever which we've seen first-hand with our COVID-19 fundraising appeal raising more than $1 million.

However, we know there are many Queenslanders doing it tough and haven't reached out for assistance.

This might be because they've never had to ask for help from a charity before.

Or it might be that they think there's others worse off.

There is no shame or judgment in asking for help, we can all get through this together.

The St Vincent de Paul Society has been assisting people in Queensland for over 126 years - that is our purpose and why our donors support us so generously.

All information shared is kept confidential and your privacy assured.

We are passionate about helping Queenslanders, and at this time, particularly those who may have fallen or are at risk of falling below the poverty line for the first time in their lives. Often a hand-up early on is enough before they're at a greater risk of poverty, eviction or homelessness.

Vinnies has always been there to support Queenslanders with the everyday impacts of poverty or during a crisis - whether that's paying someone's overdue bill, providing other temporary financial support or a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to - we will always be there.

We encourage all Queenslanders in need to please contact Vinnies by calling our free Helpline on 1800VINNIES (1800 846 643) or go to www.qld.vinnies.org.au to access our live chat and online Help Form.

Kevin Mercer , CEO, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland




Harry's view on softball championships and the Queensland Election.
Harry's view on softball championships and the Queensland Election.




ANON. Isn't it funny, when pollies are caught out they have memory loss … must try that one. If it was a civilian worker it would be jail time. Funny that there is one rule for pollies and one for the average Joe Blow.

LPMC. So Premier Palaszczuk let relocating corporate flyer now new Virgin Boss Jayne Hrdlicka skip hotel quarantine, shame Premier, sounds like another jobs for the girls failed decision, no more please.

ANON. So Morrison reckons if you earn $180K you're low income? I want some of the stuff this guy is on must be good. This PM is so out of touch with the average low income earner he might as well be in China. He said he was here for all Aussies … joke.

RUTH. Re election, the reality is, under the Labor Gov. for the last 4yrs, Qld. now has the highest unemployment in Aust.



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