Harry's view of the day.
Harry's view of the day.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The political rhetoric is heating up



The reef burns while our politicians fiddle

Even in an election year, coral reef scientists continue their studies.

Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies have recently released a report that assessed coral communities between 1995 and 2017 and found the number of corals had fallen more than 50 per cent.

The study found that mass bleaching events triggered by global warming and record-breaking water temperatures in 2016 and 2017 had the most significant impact on coral depletion.

This is not good news for our tourism industry which is still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, and is dependent on a healthy Reef more than ever.

Pre-pandemic, the Great Barrier Reef tourism industry was worth $6.4 billion annually and supported 64,000 jobs.

Now, with Queensland gripped in election mode, the political rhetoric is heating up.

But it appears that both major parties and, with the exception of the Greens, all minor parties choose to ignore or deny the current plight of the Reef and the tourism industry that depends on it.

In fact, a number of parties, particularly the LNP, are spruiking policy that will very clearly continue to harm the Reef.

As the rest of the world moves away from thermal coal, the LNP are pushing to expand thermal coal mining in Queensland which will only ensure more mass bleaching events in the future.

The LNP is a very vocal supporter of building a new, coal-fired power plant.

If such a plant were built it would not only increase our carbon emissions but would also raise the price of electricity to the consumer.

By supporting projects such as these, the LNP make it very clear that they are more than willing to sacrifice the Reef and the tourism jobs dependent on the Reef.

Tony Fontes, Jubilee Pocket

Living with COVID

Life under extreme pressure, like a boiling kettle, can create steam.

Hot heads lose their cool, while the genuine display calm and wisdom.

2020 has tested the mettle, not only of the population under imposed restrictions, but leadership have revealed their true worth and character.

The virus from hell has created a unique agenda that posed a labyrinth of twists and turns to the uninitiated.

Those who adjusted, survived the challenge, while many politicians have floundered.

Elections bring out the best and the worst; those hanging on by a thread need to offer the disenchanted general public more than ancient rhetoric.

The major duopoly parties display: "The same old, same old."

It's a pity voting is compulsory; for it's the electorate itself which has manoeuvred the obstacles and are the real heroes.

No politician's promises will prepare us for this: "Brave new world" of life under COVID. Fortune favours the brave.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




Harry's view of the day.
Harry's view of the day.




LPMC. "We all know", Palaszczuk hired 36,000 extra unproductive public servants but now you claim the LNP will sack 30,000 if they win the election. Premier, you quoted this figures, is this the real true honest figure that is required so Qld can balance its books and operate staff levels required, not jobs for the boys system you run.

CJ. I talk from what I see. Everyone I talk to is very, very happy with Annastacia how the virus has been handled. As far as business goes I feel for them especially the people out of work. Everyone will get through in the end. The whole world is doing it tuff. Australia is pretty lucky when you compare it to most other countries.

DOURSCOT. Courier Mail 21/10/20 Labor Government has promised to build new highway from Charters Towers to Mungindi. Considering their lack of making the current Bruce Highway a safe highway will this new highway end up being a modern goat track. Will it perhaps be named Pie in the Sky Highway. Considering the speed with which roads get built by the current government perhaps our great grand children may still be alive to see it happen.

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